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95% of teachers agree that "PLP is having  impact on my school & that PLP offers good value for money"

20000 learners are supported by the teachers attending PLP courses

£75000 saving on CPD across PLP member schools

77% of teachers agree that "PLP has developed my schools' professional skills and knowledge2

72% of teachers agree that "PLP has helped my school make a positive impact on the achievements of young people"

87.5% of teachers agree that "PLP meets my school's CPD needs"

£900 average saving on CPD for PLP member

80% of teachers agree that "PLP provides good support for individual staff career development"

(Source: How can we retain and develop our teachers at a time of budget cuts whilst continuing to raise standards in schools?: The Value of Continuing Professional Development: A report commissioned by the Peterborough Learning Partnership, 2015)

Peterborough Learning Partnership 
Supporting and improving the quality of teaching


NEW! Educational Excellence Everywhere: DfE White Paper 2016

New dates for your diary:

What's coming up this Summer term 2016: Click here to download our most recent CPD brochure: Pulse. 

As a PLP member school you have access to membership of/subscription to:

Potential Plus UK
Whole Education (Network school membership plus reduced cost access to Pathfinder school membership)
National Literacy Trust 
(enhanced offer)
Peterborough Children's University

Good news!: Chicken Wired: : PLP member schools 10% discount throughout 2014-15
Good news!: Fruit to Suit:  : PLP schools training programme for £400, £30 off the RRP during 2014-15
Good news!: Potential Plus UK: : PLP schools have free membership of Potential Plus UK (saving up to £400!)
Good news!: Potential Plus UK: : PLP schools' families have free membership of Potential Plus UK (saving £60 per family in the first year)
Good news!: Whole Education: : PLP schools have WE network membership
Good news!: Great Little Rewards: : PLP schools and their families receive a 12% discount on online orders
Good news!: TLC Live: : PLP schools receive one free session + hourly rate of £16.00 +VAT, compared to no free session and £17.00+VAT for non-PLP 
Good news!: Historylicious: : PLP chools receive a 25% discount on in school sessions



New website coming soon; keep an eye out for our new logo and App!)

Peterborough Learning Partnership is committed to developing communities that create successful learning and leadership, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

We will provide benefit to all children and young people by developing, delivering, commissioning and evaluating a wide range of learning and development opportunities for schools, supporting all members and partners in raising aspirations and standards, creating better outcomes for all.

We are also proud to announce that our membership is inclusive; we have maintained, academy and independent school members from all phases; early years, infant, junior, primary and secondary.

If you are interested in joining  the partnership then please contact us via:
[email protected]

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