PLP and the EAL Academy

PLP is working with EAL Academy to provide courses, events and information for all of our schools.

Please browse our event listings for EAL Academy events hosted in Peterborough.

The EAL Academy has brought specialists together over the last four years with expertise across the fields of English as an additional language, ethnic minority achievement and the teaching of academic language. Since 2013 we have been working in Peterborough and have seen significant increases in EAL attainment, as the graph below shows.

We are now entering the fourth year of our work here. In addition to the offers in the brochure, 2016-17 will also see a focus on an enduring legacy as we seek to establish highly effective school to school support for EAL. The legacy will include establishing particular centres of expertise in raising Pakistani attainment and meeting the needs of East European Roma pupils.

We will expand a programme we began in 2015-16 to develop a group of Peterborough teachers as specialist EAL trainers and consultants. In addition, we will update the EAL Handbook and produce online professional development materials which focus on subject specific literacies.

We will also make our in-class coaching scheme available to more schools. Finally, over the last two years some schools have been using the EAL self-evaluation documents.

We are now formalising this process so that all schools will now be able to access a half day joint review of their EAL self-evaluation and be eligible for the EAL Quality Mark award.

Download the EAL Academy 2016/17 Brochure