An inquiry into effective teaching developing essential approaches to classroom practice NQT+1 : 3 day course with Andy Hind (ES4S)

NQT + 1 3 Day course

Key aim - To explore and develop specific pedagogical approaches that make a difference to pupil learning... in any context

Additional aims

  • To support delegates in developing a deeper awareness of their own classroom practise

  • To explore how a teacher's professional behaviours and attitudes has a significant impact on pupil achievement

  • To consider how a teacher looks to improve outcomes for all pupils, not just those in their own class

  • To introduce professional tools that support individuals in developing their professional capacity

  • To explore how teachers can engage in leadership that improves the effectiveness of a school

Any teacher should be able to answer two key questions: What's working? and How do I know?

An inquiry into teaching is a professional learning programme that seeks to inquire into a set of classroom approaches that make a significant difference to pupil learning. These three interlocking days will not be a training programme but rather an inquiry-based approach around highly effective teaching and learning, engaging delegates in action-based research and self-analysis around a set of identified pedagogical approaches.

Participants will consider a collection of classroom strategies that, according to extensive research, make a significant difference to pupil learning. Individuals will then begin an engagement in a professional learning process involving the critical elements of identified action, rigorous reflection and personal learning. Participants will be actively encouraged to engage in a range of professional learning communities and processes that will focus on developing a deep understanding around effective teaching and learning.

As part of this 3 day programme each individual, despite being in their second year of teaching, will be expected to take a responsibility for leading similar professional learning approaches within their own school context. Leadership is a process not a role and a school becomes more effective as it builds leadership capacity

NQT +1 (30 delegate places) - 3 day programme (1 day per term)

  • Day 1 9th Nov. '16
  • Day 2 15th March '17
  • Day 3 23rd May '17


PLP members: £150 per day per person Non PLP members: £200 per day per person

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