NQT+1 Twilight Programme with Andy Hind (ES4S)

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As discussed last year, Andy Hind will be running a NQT+1 programme this year - for those colleagues who are in their first year after having been an NQT.


From good to great is a series of professional development sessions, specifically designed for teachers within their 2nd year of teaching. The sessions will seek to explore how a professional, within any educational setting, can move themselves to being the very best. Many schools operate with a team of good professionals, who are doing everything that is expected of them and who are offering the pupils a good, solid education. Being a truly great professional requires a distinct mindset, a professional attitude and an unreserved passion for developing a set of principles and behaviours that distinguishesthe individual from all other professionals. This sessions will highlight a set of professional behaviours and attitudes and support delegates in developing an analytical approach to their classroom practice

You will need to discuss attendance with your CPD Co-ordinator or member of SLT responsible for CPD.


NQT + 1 (10 delegate places) - 6 twilight sessions

Day 1 20th Sept. `16

Day 2 22nd Nov. `16

Day 3 24th Jan `17

Day 4 21st March `17

Day 5 24th May `17

Day 6 27th June `17


PLP members: £40 per person per session Non PLP members: £100 per person per session

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