Festival of Learning 2017: Creating and Leading a Learning School

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  • East of England Showground
  • Curriculum, Leadership
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  • Early Years, Further Education, Higher Education, Primary
  • Leadership, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, Children & Young People, Workforce, Community

8.00 - Delegates arrive, exhibition exploration and breakfast

8.50 - Ken Stimpson Community School Choir (Cambridge Suite)

9.10 - Iain Simper, CEO Peterborough Learning Partnership - Welcome address

9.30 until 10.15 - Keynote 1 - Ian Gilbert (Cambridge Suite)

10.20 - Workshop 1

11.05 - Coffee break & exhibition

11.30 until 12.15 - Keynote 2 - David Cameron (Cambridge Suite)

12.20 - Workshop 2

1.05 - Lunch & exhibition

2.00 until 2.45 - Keynote 3 - Dr Debra Kidd (Cambridge Suite)

2.50 - Workshop 3

3.35 - A short message from Carole Hughes, Anna's Hope Charity followed by Panel & Exhibition raffle prizes (Cambridge Suite)

4.00 - Close and networking time


Venue : Peterborough Arena, East of England Showground, Peterborough: http://www.peterborougharena.com/


Ian Gilbert - Ian is an award-winning author and editor, a leading educational speaker and entrepreneur and a man who the IB magazine named as one of its top 15 educational 'visionaries'. He established Independent Thinking in 1994 as a platform for leading practitioners to share their work in bringing the best out of all children. Currently based in Hong Kong, he has lived and worked in the UK, South America and the Middle East and so has a special perspective on classrooms and systems, what works and what definitely doesn't. He is the author of several best-selling books including Essential Motivation in the Classroom and Why Do I Need a Teacher When I've Got Google? (spoiler alert - you need good teachers now more than ever), is the man behind the Thunks phenomenon and has also edited many books for the Independent Thinking Press. His latest book,Independent Thinking, was published in 2014.

Keynote: What Have the Venezuelans Ever Done For Us? Challenging the Purpose, Practice and Potential of the Learning School

Workshop: Madly; Deeply; Truly - Moving From The Learning School to the Thinking School

David Cameron - David - or the 'Real David Cameron' as we all know him - has a unique view of the educational landscape. His experience stretches from leadership of children's services at authority level to the classroom, from the development of national educational policy to its implementation in schools and takes in work at national and regional level in both Scotland and England. The lead on Scotland's Outdoors Education strategy, he was also involved in the devolved management of schools initiative and was a central player in Scotland's challenging Curriculum for Excellence project. A highly entertaining and engaging speaker, he has worked across the UK with teachers, school leaders and governors and is currently chair of the York Education Partnership. He is behind Creative Conversations in Edinburgh, bringing together artists and educators, is a leading player in Scotland's regular Festival of Dangerous Ideas and helped draft Creative Scotland's recent manifesto on learning and creativity

Keynote: Enough best practice already - Improvement for human beings

Workshop: Practising what we preach - exploring the survival pack

Dr Debra Kidd - There's a fight going on. While some are advocating putting teaching in a box labelled 'Do it like this!' others know there is much more to their learning than your teaching. Through her experience teaching from reception to university-level, through her research culminating in her recent doctorate, through her work teaching creativity to teachers across the world and her new role as an advocate fighting the 'deprofessionalising' of the teaching profession, Debbie knows that teaching and learning is a far more complex business than some would have us believe. Along with her growing media presence and reputation nationally and her recent book Teaching: notes from the front line, Debbie is very much a down-to-earth practitioner and has the knack of helping teachers understand in an uncomplicated way how complex what goes on in the classroom really is - and how this understanding makes what they do so much more rewarding.

Keynote: Dilemma Led Learning; looking at teaching and learning with deeper moral purpose at its heart. It’s a variation on a theme.

Workshop: Beyond the test: bringing purposeful assessment and activity into learning.

Will Hussey - Will is an experienced teacher, writer and presenter with an increasing profile. His transformational thought-provoking workshops have been delivered to acclaim.

Workshop: Embracing Failure - Why every school should be a failing school" Failure in schools is taboo; the thought of it drives teachers and senior leaders to do the strangest things. Even ‘satisfactory,’ is no longer good enough.

‘Embracing Failure,’ explores the importance of acknowledging our limitations both individually and within a whole school context. We’re not predisposed to admit we’re wrong, and will often apportion blame rather than hold our hand up. Unsurprisingly, this doesn’t always make for good working relationships let alone outstanding practice. We’re only human, however, and you don’t have to be perfect to be a great teacher. Perhaps more importantly, there is an inextricable connection between failure and success.

Put simply: we learn from our mistakes. Crafting an open culture that embraces limitations and ‘getting it wrong,’ is key to making amazing progress.

Delegates will compare contrasting professions and consider vital lessons to be learnt. They will explore the reasons why we rarely admit we’re wrong, and the value of owning up. The implications are invaluable for a successful classroom and harmonious staffroom.

‘True ignorance is not the absence of knowledge, but the refusal to acquire it.’ Karl Popper

Julie Westrop - Julie's 22 year very successful teaching and senior leadership career, saw her working in both primary and secondary schools in West Africa, London and East Anglia. She always preferred to work in schools serving communities with more disadvantage than most, welcoming the opportunities to work with families and the wider community in enhancing educational experiences, raising both aspirations and achievement and creating strong communities of learners. Julie will focus on how a learning school is for all; community, staff and learners.

Workshop: The power of partnership

‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’. Helen Keller

In this workshop, we will explore practical ways in which schools can enable parents, families and the wider community to help create a learning school.

The areas to be covered include;

 creating an ethos for partnership

 consulting on how to develop and maintain a learning school

 ensuring effective communication with all partners

 making effective use of external resources to support pupils’ learning , at school, home and in the community

Jeni Barnacle - Jeni is a former primary headteacher who now works with schools to support the development of a nurturing school. Nurture4all pride themselves on using the Six Nurture Principles in all aspects of their work with children, schools, professionals and families. Nurture4all recognise the importance of positive relationships as a key to well-being of individuals and organisations, so these six principles are at the heart of everything they do.

Workshop Title: An Introduction to the Nurture Group Network National Nurturing Schools Programme

"Nurture groups can change children’s lives. If all schools were run on nurturing principles, the long term benefits to children and to society would be immense.” Marion Bennathan, NGN President (2006)

Jeni will be providing an overview of The National Nurturing Schools Programme along with her personal perspective of how embedding of the six nurture principles across the whole school had a positive impact on both the learning and well being for the whole school community.

Jeni was the head teacher at St Andrews CE Primary School, Norfolk, where she and her staff embedded the nurture principles across the whole school from 2002 to 2013. The school was highlighted in 2006 on a TV programme ‘Happiest Day’ and their story was shared at a range of conferences during that period. Jeni has also used a nurturing school approach during her time as a Norfolk Locum Headteacher.

Jeni is now an associate consultant, trainer and regional co-ordinator for the Nurture Group Network, as well as running her own business Nurture4all based in East Anglia.

Mary Myatt - Mary advises, writes and trains. She supports schools to think imaginatively about learners' progress. 'There are great things going on in schools. I see plenty when I talk with students, teachers and senior leaders about learning, leadership and the curriculum. I am an education adviser and have been working in schools for over 20 years.'

Mary Myatt Workshop 1: High Challenge, Low Threat We are a ‘challenge seeking species’ and this session will explore the implications of this for leadership and learning.

Mary Myatt Workshop 2: High Challenge, Low Threat How to get pupils wanting to work harder: strategies for increasing challenge in the classroom

Mary Myatt Workshop 3: Proof of Progress How can we do this efficiently? Do we need to evidence everything?

Confirmed exhibitors in the Peterborough Suite (http://www.peterborougharena.com/the-venue/virtual-tour)

  • Proactive Learning,
  • NSPCC,
  • Think Autism,
  • Rahmqvist,
  • Potential Plus UK,
  • Fawns,
  • QDP,
  • Kids Country,
  • Nexus,
  • Cornerstones,
  • Cafes for All,
  • Education Network,
  • YMCA,
  • PhonicBooks,
  • CrownHouse,
  • EES for Schools,
  • Food for Life,
  • Vivacity for Schools,
  • Fruit to Suit,
  • EAL Academy,
  • Cambridgeshire Outdoors,
  • Peterborough Cathedral,
  • PS Financials,
  • Peterborough Children's University
  • Wood Green Animal Shelter
  • MyCognition
  • Scholastic Education
  • Pentagon Play
  • School Planner Company
  • Anna's Hope
  • ICT Service
  • Ambition School Leadership

Draft Agenda (only for guidance) Subject to change

8.00 - Delegates arrive, exhibition exploration and breakfast

8.50 - Ken Stimpson Community School Choir

9.10 - Iain Simper, CEO Peterborough Learning Partnership - Welcome address

9.30 until 10.15 - Keynote 1 - Ian Gilbert

10.20 - Workshop 1

11.05 - Coffee break & exhibition

11.30 until 12.15 - Keynote 2 - David Cameron

12.20 - Workshop 2

1.05 - Lunch & exhibition

2.00 until 2.45 - Keynote 3 - Dr Debra Kidd

2.50 - Workshop 3

3.35 - A short message from Carole Hughes, Anna's Hope Charity followed by Panel & Exhibition raffle prizes

4.00 - Close and networking time

**Free places available to PLP member schools

1 form entry PLP school: 5 free places

2 form entry PLP school: 10 free places

3 form entry PLP school: 15 free places

4 form entry PLP school: 20 free places**

Additional places for PLP schools: £100 per person

Non PLP schools: £200 per place

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