Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Preparation and Assessment: HLTA Status With Best Practice Network

  • 22nd Mar 2018
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  • Leadership
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  • Early Years, Primary, Secondary
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Day 1: 5th February 2018

Day 2: 22nd March 2018

Venue: Sacrewell Farm


The cost of the two day HLTA preparation programme is £290 + VAT

The cost of preparation does not include the assessment element which is fixed by HNAP at £450 per person.

Who is this for?

Gaining HLTA status is a recognised progression route for school support staff. HLTAs work closely with teachers to raise standards and help each learner reach their potential.

All applicants must have:

Some experience of leading whole class learning with no teacher present Level 2 in Maths and English

What are the benefits?

Research by NFER in 2007 reported many benefits, including the rise in confidence and self-esteem of those gaining the status. Headlines from the report were that 91% of senior leaders and 80% of HLTAs identified positive impacts on pupil performance resulting from the HLTA role. 73% of senior leaders said that HLTA had reduced teacher workload. Visit the HLTA National Partnership website to find out more.


Fit for purpose, nationally recognised professional status - over 52,000 HLTAs since 2003. Highly positive impact on schools and outcomes for children and young people. HLTAs report greatly improved confidence, self-esteem and aspirations. Can support progression to a towards foundation degree. Effective performance management framework. Assures quality through rigorous national standards. Cost effective, home grown cover for PPA and other needs. Enhances knowledge, expertise and skills in supporting learning Career progression for HLTAs and mentors. Can support progression to QTS.

How is it delivered?

The two day face-to-face preparation course explains the HLTA standards and the HLTA assessment process and fully explains how to put together the required portfolio of evidence. Guidance is provided on completing the required written tasks and explains the purpose and the set-up of the 3 hour school visit. Between days 1 and 2, you will engage in online activities to check understanding. The group returns for day 2 approximately 5-6 working weeks later to review progress and receive formative feedback on the tasks written so far. Further guidance and support is provided for the school assessment visit. Approximately 4-7 weeks after day 2, you will email your final written tasks to the assessor who then comes to your school about two weeks after this to carry out the interviews and view the portfolio of evidence.


The status is gained through a portfolio of tasks and a 3 hour school visit where an assessor interviews you, a teacher on your behalf and a member of the senior management team. You are not observed in class.

Assessment takes place with your Regional Provider of Assessment (RPA). All RPAs are partners of the HLTA National Assessment Partnership (HNAP) a body that ensures the continuity and quality of HLTA assessment across the country.

More Information
Title / Date
Time / Venue
Day 2 - Cohort 4
22nd Mar 2018
Sacrewell Farm
09:00am - 04:00pm
Day 1 - Cohort 5
3rd May 2018
09:00am - 04:00pm
Day 2 - Cohort 5
12th Jun 2018
09:00am - 04:00pm
Day 1 - Cohort 6
11th Oct 2018
09:00am - 04:00pm
Day 1 - Cohort 2
15th Nov 2018
09:00am - 04:00pm