Think Autism Professional 2 Day Training

  • No Forthcoming Dates
  • Behaviours for Learning, SENCO
  • Full
  • Primary, Secondary
  • Teaching & Learning, Workforce

Level 1: Understanding the Core Features of Autism

  • Understanding the core features of autism in detail and applying these to individuals
  • How to help children feel safe, accepted and competent
  • How to create meaningful targets that focus on improving quality of life
  • Individualising your approach for each student's needs
  • Prioritising remediation over compensation

Level 2: Detailed Strategies for Supporting Children with Autism

  • Learning appropriate and effective behaviour management strategies for children with autism
  • Understanding the sensory systems and how they affect learning and functioning
  • How to use a child's individual sensory profile to improve their learning environment
  • Understanding when critical moments of learning are likely to occur
  • Guiding strategies to make the day more meaningful to the child
  • Helping guides to feel more competent in teaching children with autism

17th and 22nd May 2017, 9.30am - 3.30pm, Fulbridge Academy, Peterborough, £220 per person in April and £285 thereafter

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