The Circus of Life: Mental Health Awareness & Resilience

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In partnership with the PLP, Resilient Me are offering a one-day workshop.

Who Should Attend Head teachers, Deputy Heads, DSLs, SLTs

Using a unique and fun circus analogy, this workshop is an outstanding 3-for-1 day from which attendees, their colleagues and their students will all benefit.

Put simply, learning to navigate life really is like learning to be a circus performer – we need to juggle a few balls, balance many demands, walk the tightrope occassionally, trust and work with others in our team, clown around a little sometimes and definitely feel the thrills.

75% of all mental health disorders originate during childhood & adolescence At any time, 1 in 4 workers in the UK is suffering from a diagnosable metal health issue

In schools, teaching and support staff are the first line of defence against this growing crisis. So what is stress, how can it lead to mental health issues, how do you spot the signs and how do you build the resilience to get better or to avoid mental health issues altogether? This workshop will give you the answers and includes the most up to date evidence based research and statistics from CIPD and Mind.

Benefits of attending

• Attendees will understand exactly what stress induced illness is and how it can lead to more serious physical and mental health issues

• Attendees will understand what the different mental health conditions are and how to spot them

• Attendees learn to challenge habitual thought patterns in themselves, replacing stress inducing language with resilient language

• Attendees learn key resilience skills and examine their life balance making them more productive in the workplace

• Attendees learn how to take an holistic approach to their well-being thus combatting stress illness

• Reusable tools are provided ensuring sustainability of the training programme

• All skills learned are transferable into the classroom

Learning Outcomes Delegates will be able to:

• Understand what stress is (medically) and how it can ultimately lead to physical or mental health issues

• Identify mental health issues in themselves and others

• Learn a first stage support strategy

• Learn key resilience skills

• Understand how to assess and achieve life balance

• Develop and encourage a success mindset

• Enjoy ongoing support and development through reusable tools

Key Topics

• What is stress and how it can lead to physical and mental health issues

• How to spot mental health issues

• Building resilience

• Work / Life Balance

• Success mindset

• Improving wellbeing

Cost £125 for PLP members, £199 for non-members

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