From Striving to Thriving: A wellbeing toolkit for NQTs

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A 1 day session for NQTs with Steve Russell

Focused on your well-being this course will provide you with strategies, considerations and skills to support you - ensuring a work-life balance!

From Striving to Thriving: A wellbeing toolkit for NQTs

As you head towards the halfway point of your NQT year, this day is intended to provide you with some space to breathe, reflect and replenish both your energy and also your bank strategies for supporting your wellbeing.

Aims of the course:

 To develop participants’ self-awareness in relation to the strengths they bring to their teaching and the stress points they experience.

 Expand participants’ understanding of classroom behaviour – a key source of stress for many teachers.

 Offer a range of practical strategies to reduce stress and improve wellbeing, including tools for direct use in the classroom.

Some of the main ideas to be explored will include:

 Driver behaviours: the typical ways people react when under stress and pressure.

 The Functional Fluency model: This is proving to be an incrediblyuseful way to look at how we can use our energies more effectivelyboth in and outside of the classroom. Find out how you can betterbalance structure and nurture in ways that benefit both yourself andyour pupils.

 ‘Mind your language’ – Using solution focused thinking to reframe situations in the classroom in order to promote more positive self-talk.

Course Leader:

Steve Russell has nearly 25 years of experience, ranging from classroom teaching through to behaviour support and leading a team of school improvement consultants. More recently, he has expanded beyond schools to include other organisations, as well as coaching individuals.

Whether working with youngsters, school staff, leaders, teams or providing one-to-one coaching, his aim is always the same – to empower them to effect changes that will increase their effectiveness and promote their well-being.


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