How do I subscribe?

School Subscription and Agreement Financial Year 2017/18

Peterborough Learning Partnership

The Peterborough Learning Partnership invite schools to join for the period 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018.

All schools will be charged £3 per pupil on roll at January 2017 census.

You can join at any time during the year and will be charged accordingly. e.g. join 1st September and only pay 7/12ths of the total subscription.

How do I subscribe?

Click here to subscribe:

Yes, we are a new to PLP school and we would like to subscribe for FY 2017/18


Yes, we are a current school member of PLP and we would like to resubscribe for FY2017/18

How do I book staff on to courses?

Access to all of the Peterborough Learning Partnership events is through our website;

Click on the event you are interested in and an email response box will pop-up.  This has drop down spaces for booking all the details in and, when sent, will go to our administration team.

You will receive a confirmation email.

Courses which are full will be flagged as such on the website.

If you have any queries about any courses, or would like further information, please email us on;

Early bird bookings?

Early bird bookings will be available and information will be sent in due course.  We anticipate that there will be reductions available on the Festival of Learning and other conferences throughout the year.

Cancellation and non-attendance policy:

Where possible we try to confirm with course leaders and venues numbers of delegates at least 1 week in advance of the course.  This means we must ensure the bookings made are accurate.

In some circumstances, PLP is charged by outside providers/venues for changes to numbers.  Of course, there are circumstances which we have no control over – Ofsted Inspections, illness – meaning some delegates cannot attend. We are mindful of this and will not charge delegates where situations out of their control mean they cannot attend.
We try to mitigate the potential financial impact on PLP in our cancellation policy as set out below.

Once you have made your booking the following apply from the date of that booking:

(In the following policy a ‘week’ is equivalent to 5 working days)

Cancellation of place/s   >4 weeks prior to event = delegate/s charged £0

Cancellation of place/s   <4 weeks prior to event = delegate/s charged 25% of course cost

Cancellation of place/s   <2 weeks prior to event = delegate/s charged 50% of course cost

Cancellation of place/s   <1 week prior to event = delegates charged 100% of course cost

Instances where non-attendance is coupled with non-cancellation the full course charge will be made.

Exceptions are in place for schools that experience ‘extraordinary’ situations. E.g. Ofsted inspections/illness

Where a course is free of charge, a non-attendance fee of £20 will be imposed: if no notice of the non-attendance has been received by the PLP Administration team by the day of the course.

Information accurate as of 7.2.17 (may be subject to change)

PLP Administration Team

Email –

Telephone – 01733 864784

Twitter : @PeterboroughLP


PLP  Structure 2017/18

PLP Chief Executive

Iain Simper

PLP Administrator

Kelly Tedds


Peterborough Children’s University Manager

Gill Hall


PLP Board of Directors

Stuart Mansell, Head at Nene Valley Primary School

Steve Howard, Principal at Nene Park Academy

Daniel Pilsworth, Head at The John Harrox Primary School

Christine Moss, Primary Adviser, Cambridgeshire CC

Tim Smith, Head at The Beeches Primary

Jacki Mitchell, Head at Woodston Primary


Examples of associated PLP subscription benefits:

PLP  Associate Partner Benefit to your school
National Literacy Trust enhanced  membership – Free school enhanced membership as a PLP school (saving £100)
Whole Education PLP schools can access Whole Education and their programmes/events at a greatly reduced rate e.g. WE Peer review, Spirals of Enquiry, SEN Peer Review, GL Assessment PASS Survey, IRIS Connect & attendance at WE national conferences (during 2016-17 this equated to a saving of £14354 for PLP schools)
Potential Plus UK  – Schools – FREE – (saving up to £400 per school)
Potential Plus UK  – Families – FREE – (saving £60 per family in the first year)
SchoolsWeek Membership for all PLP schools saving £50 per school per year
Fruit to Suit PLP  schools training programme for £400, £30 off the RRP during 2017-18
Historylicious 10% off school booking cost
Chicken Wired 10% off school booking cost
TLC Live PLP  schools receive one free session + hourly rate of £16.00 +VAT, compared to no free session and £17.00+VAT for non-PLP

Savings for a typical PLP school (NOR 420), who choose to engage with the entire offer, could total in excess of @£2000 per year

Festival of Learning 2018:

PLP Places @ £100 per extra booked on top of free places

Non-PLP Places @ £200 per place