Quotes & Testimonials

“High-quality events like those run by PLP are key. For example, they hosted an event with a leading Ofsted inspector so it was useful to hear things from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. At the same we are developing our NQTs through PLP.”

Bill Lord, Headteacher, Long Sutton Community Primary School


“A round trip to Lincoln from Stamford can mean teachers are out for a whole day. Peterborough is much nearer and the PLP events we have done have been good quality and teachers have provided good feedback”

Tristan Revell, Principal, Malcolm Sargent Primary School


“We have used PLP to provide support for NQT, middle and senior leaders. The trainers are of a good quality and the impact on classroom practice is evident. Outcomes for children have improved significantly over the last two years.”

Cathy Carlisle, Headteacher, Alderman Jacobs Primary School


” PLP is an excellent local provider, and in our experience delivers good value for money on training given its reasonable costs. We have recently put staff through NQT mentoring and NPQML training and have been pleased on all fronts. “

Andy Lyons, Headteacher, Hampton Hargate Primary School


“PLP is able to access trainers and organisations on a national scale – that is their biggest value. They bring well-established names to the table as well as wider contacts, for example SENDCo and school improvement partners.”

Christopher Bennet, Headteacher, St Peter’s School


“Peterborough Learning Partnership (PLP) initiatives have had a very large impact on me. Whether or not I’ve been able to attend the courses and events available to me, the very fact that there is a bank of ideas and knowledge available to all schools in one place is extremely useful.  ” “…over the years, the wealth of opportunities afforded by PLP has given me a much bigger picture of the various aspects of the teaching profession. Alongside this, there are several links to other organisations on the PLP website that I’ve previously accessed which have developed my knowledge and understanding of the profession.”

Catherine Rizzo, Assistant Headteacher, Southfields Primary School


“There is absolutely a correlation between our investment in CPD and the school’s performance. We were ‘requires improvement’ two years only but are now ‘good, with some outstanding features’. Investing in our staff and working alongside other schools as part of a wider federation of schools has had a huge impact.”

Jan Grimble, Head of School at Spalding Primary School


“I’ve used Peterborough Learning Partnership (PLP) where they have organised courses from a whole school approach. The initiatives have always been a fresh way to manage roles within teaching, such as how to support the children who become ‘stuck’ in their learning.”

Nicola Kinsey is EYFS Team Leader at The Beeches Primary School in Peterborough


“CPD … absolutely vital in terms of school improvement”Joanna Cook, Headteacher at Paston Ridings Primary School”We invest quite extensively in CPD because the main way to improve teaching standards is through improving the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom. The quality of staff and their subject expertise are major factors in their effectiveness; the designation of a school – whether you are an academy or not for example – is not a significant factor in my opinion”

Iain Erskine; Principal at Fulbridge Academy, Peterborough


“I became a NQT in 2015 … I began my CPD immediately, and did six sessions with Peterborough Learning Partnership including ‘The Outstanding Lesson’ and ‘The Skilled Practitioner’, together with some other sessions run by the local authority on literacy and numeracy. CPD has had a huge impact on my career so far. I am massively appreciative of the development I’ve had.”

Kirsty Bedford; Year Two Teacher at Hampton Vale Primary School in Peterborough


“CPD is very much a driver to support staff retention here. On the whole, our staff are young and it is important that we give them the opportunity to extend their knowledge and professional development, which they are happy to take up.”

Andy Lyons; Headteacher at Hampton Hargate Primary School, Peterborough


“We have found PLP to be especially useful in supporting leadership development – if training fits the school development plan it tends to be funded”

Kathy Fountain, Headteacher, Middleton Primary School


“We have used PLP to provide support for NQT, middle and senior leaders. The trainers are of a good quality and the impact on classroom practice is evident. Outcomes for children have improved significantly over the last two years.”

Cathy Carlisle, Headteacher, Alderman Jacobs Primary School



Associate Partners:

Chicken Wired:

“It is through the PLP partnership meeting that I was able to present the details of the workshops I offer to a number of schools at once. Allowing the schools to see first hand the work the children would need to do and the learning benefits derived from it. Inclusion on the PLP website has also allowed schools a greater opportunity to contact me and get the financial benefits offered to the group.

I have, through PLP , had several workshops booked and look forward to extending this number in the new year.”

Will Ashley-Norman, ChickenWired

Mana Education:

As a company working with schools to provide supply staff, Mana Education joined the PLP  in order to keep up to date with issues that are important to the schools we work with, as well as networking with school leaders to develop new business opportunities.

Alongside referrals from existing customers within the PLP network, we have recently been working with a new school which highlights the benefits of our membership.  We received a call from a lady working as a Deputy Headteacher at one of the PLP schools we work closely with already.  She had recently been promoted to a headship at a new school and was looking to recruit a Key Stage 2 teacher to start in January 2015.  Due to our existing relationship, we were able to work with the new Headteacher to identify suitable applicants and arrange meetings with the leadership team of the new school.  Both the teacher and the school involved got on well and the teacher was booked to start immediately to give them a chance to get to know the class.

Since the school is also a member of the PLP , we have been able to offer them a substantial discount on our normal fees, which could save the school as much as £1600.

We are now looking forward to continuing to support the school once the new Headteacher takes up their post and continuing to offer our excellent rates for day to day and long term cover.

Jon Wylie, Mana Education

East of England Agricultural Society:

PLP  has been invaluable in helping the East of England Agricultural Society’s Kids Country programme become an established part of the educational calendar of over 50 schools in our region. The team where invited to attended some of its networking meetings, which gave us unprecedented access to local teachers and helped us to spread the word of our Education Days & our Food & Farming Day in a way that emails and mailouts simply could not achieve. We are now in our third year of these successful events, but we could not have come anywhere close to where we are now without the relationships we formed through PLP . Many thanks to you and best of luck with 2015/6.

Sandra Lauridsen, Education Manager

The East of England Agricultural Society has been hugely aided by PLP. Just over two years ago the Society decided to increase its educational programme. Fortunately we were introduced to PLP  at an early stage in the process. We knew that we had considerable resources and were bursting with ideas but we also knew that we had to deliver according to audience needs.

PLP  became the vehicle through which we learnt about the needs of children in the area, the best way of communicating with teachers and how to speak with the right people and access relevant resources. Within months we were able to run an event for just under 4000 children and in year two that became more than 5000 and we were able to give a fun learning experience to over 8000 children. This is all traceable back to the help and support we have had from PLP.

In summary, we got out of the blocks much more quickly than we would have been able to without PLP  and our time, money and resources have been applied to good effect as a result of the advice received and contacts made.

Paul Tate, Chairman Education Committee, East of England Agricultural Society


Advertising our Leapfrog Schools project in PLP pulse magazine led to Coates Primary School getting in touch to see how they can get involved.  We are now working with them on developing a funding application for a joint project.

Jenny Leon, Learning Co-ordinator, Froglife

The Education Network:

We do feel we have a better understanding of the schools requirements and we obviously offer PLP schools reduced supply rates on both temp and perm vacancies. To name a couple -Highlees Primary and Moorwood Primary. The schools benefit from the reduced rate, but retain the quality of supply staff and we benefit from gaining additional business. A win, win all around for both parties. The business has not come in because the schools call us automatically , but when we call and explain that we understand their needs-mainly budgetary-and our reduced rates are only open to partnership schools, it is a selling point for us. Working in partnership with the PLP we are able to gain a much better understanding.

Diane Cox, Managing Director, The Education Network

Authors Abroad:

PLP have hosted many Able Writers, Maths and coming up Able Science Days?  ?over the past few years. This allows us to work closely with many of the schools in the partnership (and associate schools) to encourage the more able children to aim even higher and inspire the less confident children in their events too. We also work with individual schools organising author visits for them. We know the schools and organisers of these events at PLP always work hard to raise interest in these workshops and our authors/maths consultants always enjoy building links within the schools. Listening to feedback allows us to further improve the programmes/author visits we arrange too to help deliver relevant workshops which will appeal to headteachers and teachers across the partnership.  More recently, we have arranged CPD days with the core team to help make the links with the PLP schools even greater and tailored for them too.

?We are looking forward to being involved in the ?? Festival of Learning in April 2015 so we can build on what is already a fantastic relationship with the partnership/schools involved.?

Shelley Lee, Authors Abroad

Wood Green Animal Shelter:

Thank you so much for forwarding our information, it has been circulated and we already have two schools take up the assembly offer which is brilliant. Attending the next partnership meeting would be really useful and a great idea, I have booked a place and look forward to catching up then.

Anna Cowley, Community Education Officer, Wood Green Animal Shelter

Think Autism:

Working with PLP  has been a really useful tool for me as it has helped get the word out about the Autism Training I offer and reach many schools that already trust, know and like PLP. Since working with PLP I have had more people book onto the training and repeat business because of that. I have also began to establish a few early relationships with other educators and organisations that have led to at least interesting discussions and ideas about how to get my information out to the right people. I have enjoyed both attending and presenting at PLP meetings and have learned a lot about other organisations available to help learners and educators.

Elisa Ferriggi BSc (Hons) Psych RDI® Certified Programme Consultant HANDLE® Screener TLP® Certified Provider Triple P Provider Certified NLP Practitioner

Anne Croft, ICT:

The PLP has been extremely useful in promoting my Curriculum Support Services through the Computing and Programming workshops that are advertised and promoted by the PLP. By advertising my workshops you have brought my name to the attention of staff within the schools. Delegates attending the workshops have then approached me to ask for further staff training within their schools.  I have now worked with a number of schools to provide support and advice on the Computing Curriculum. All these schools have contacted me after attending a PLP hosted workshop.

Anne Croft, ICT Consultant

“PLP have done a lot … they’ve raised awareness, and done the groundwork. Access to networks is more useful than many people realise, and that’s what PLP does best…connects us up”  Primary school leader – June 2013

Re-Start Ed:

“The principle of collaborative schools – schools that work with other schools and with their communities to improve teaching, learning and assessment – is at the heart of many of the world’s most successful school systems. Those systems also tend to have organisations like the Peterborough Learning Partnership helping to coordinate that collaboration, representing schools’ interests and providing the resources, courses, networks and impetus that schools and communities need to work better together. PLP  is an important body, and presents a model for how the quality of education in a defined but diverse region can be improved through collaboration.” Ben Gibbs, Director, Restart-Ed Ltd, July 2014

Mana Education:

“PLP has given Mana Education an excellent opportunity to get to know schools outside of our normal relationship. By attending the termly meetings, we are able to gain a better understanding of the key issues and challenges facing schools and teachers alike. This has helped us build a clear picture of the skills and personality traits that are important for schools and to identify high calibre and more relevant candidates. Being able to offer our supply teachers access to CPD is another key benefit which gives our staff the opportunity to keep up to date with current best practice.” Alistair Nottingham, Mana Education

Professor Barry Hymer:

“I have enjoyed working with PLP  and its predecessor for many years, and always been struck by its clear and principled vision, and its democratic and responsive processes.  I wish it many further years of growth and success in its partnership with schools.” Barry J Hymer, Professor of Psychology in Education, University of Cumbria in Lancaster

Leadership and Innovation Ltd:

“The PLP is a unique schools’ partnership which over the years has built a fine and deserved reputation inside and outside Peterborough for strong, diverse and creative professional and curriculum development opportunities for all its members.

So, it has been a privilege to work with the PLP Leadership Group and the Manager to move this organisation forward, and help develop the robust business plan and schools’ improvement strategy that it now has, securing a sound future for Peterborough’s schools and young people. I believe PLP has a great future ahead of it.” David Kelly, Consultant Adviser to Peterborough Learning Partnership 2013-14

Education Improvement Company

“The Education Improvement Company works with organisations and local authorities across the UK, and we have found that the Peterborough Learning Partnership is one of the more effective organisations for meeting the needs of schools and helping them to improve outcomes for children and young people. The intuitively responsive way in which the Partnership sources support on behalf of the schools ensures that money is well spent and services are of the highest quality. We are privileged to be part of that operation, and hope that the synergy between us will continue to grow from strength to strength.” Dr Suzi Clipson-Boyles HMI, Education Improvement Company

Dancing in Museums:

“It was my pleasure to be invited to speak about my Dancing in Museums project at one of the Peterborough Learning Partnership meetings, and I am particularly pleased to have connected with a network that is so close to the area where I grew up. After giving my presentation and hearing presentations from a range of other people about their work with schools and community groups, I met and spoke at length with many interesting artists, practitioners and teachers. I have also had an opportunity to follow up on many of those discussions since the meeting and to take some forward into future plans for collaboration. As an independent artist, it is always particularly useful to have these chances to meet and share experiences.” Katie Green, Director: Dancing in Museums