Authors Abroad Able Writers Student Session - Year 5 and 6

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Authors Abroad Writers' Workshop

The PLP are happy to be hosting the Able and Reluctant Writers sessions from Authors Abroad again in 2017/18.

These sessions run at the Host School from 9.15am until 2.30pm.

Children will need to be accompanied by an adult and will need to bring a packed lunch with them. There will however be refreshments provided.

There are only 25 places available per day so book fast to avoid disappointment!

PLP schools: £30 per learner

Non PLP schools: £60 per learner

Ofsted inspectors have highly praised this programme on many occasions as it not only gives the children the opportunity to work with an Author, challenges the children, approaching Writing from a different angle but it also helps to further build links between schools in the local community. The day also serves as an excellent professional development day for the accompanying member of staff of observation day for a school governor. school governor.

About Authors Abroad

Our mission is to provide the highest quality inspirational school author visits from some of the UK’s leading educators that will enhance and support the quality of education provided in your school.

From Bradford to Bangkok, Derby to Dubai, Birmingham to Brazil and everywhere else in between, Authors Abroad co-ordinates more than 5,000 UK school visits and more than 700 international schools visits around the world, inspiring children from over 60 nationalities about reading and writing.

Here's what William Gallagher thought about the Able Writers Workshop on the 27th September 2017

"It’s always a privilege to go into a school as a visiting author but the very best of it is when the school is as smart and energetic and enthusiastic as the pupils. Hampton Vale gathered together the very best writers they have from both their school and others in the area to make a raucous, creative, lively day of genuinely excellent writing. What I always want to do is give the kids a taste of what writing is like outside school, when it’s your life, and that means challenging them, changing things on them and never giving them quite enough time to finish anything. That is what it’s really like as a professional writer but it also gives the day the sense of an enormous and exciting rush. The pupils on the day I went ran with it. They wrote fast and they wrote startlingly imaginative work. They worked alone and they worked together: it was a joy to see kids from different schools meet for the first time and in moments be like they’d been friends for years. Writing is really about communication and on days like these it is the most exciting thing in the world." - William Gallagher

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