Nurturing Families Café Training

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  • Citizenship, Literacy
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  • Early Years, Primary
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Target audience: SENCos, class teachers, teaching assistants, pastoral support, parent and family support staff-primary phase

Good mental health is important at any age - but many of the problems we experience as adults first manifest themselves in childhood. With the increasing pressures on children and young people manifesting themselves in behaviours which can impede individual children's progress as well as challenge others in the school community, many schools seek ways to support not only their pupils but their families and consequently adopt a nurturing approach.

Nurturing Café training provides an effective, simple way for primary schools to help all parents both support their child’s emotional health and well-being as well as embed a nurturing approach at home. It aims to help staff understand the importance of nurture and positive relationships for secure attachment, have a good understanding of the Cafés for All concept and rationale and know how to implement Cafés with the 6 nurture principles in their own school so that all adults and children c an benefit.

The day course explores how a nurturing approach can be shared with parents in the enabling Cafés for All environment so parents are able to develop and embed at home, positive approaches to nurturing their child’s emotional health and well-being.

By the end of the course, staff will;

  • have a starter toolkit for running Nurturing Cafes including plans and resources to support sessions
  • understand the six nurture principles and how they work in practice
  • have explored what is meant by emotional health and well-being (ehwb)
  • gain skills, knowledge and confidence to run Cafés for All for families
  • understand how to plan Café sessions with nurture and ehwb as the learning focus
  • know how to evaluate the impact of Nurturing Cafés
  • The Nurturing Café would provide evidence for the Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark and Nurturing Schools Award. Premium funding could support the Nurturing Café training .
  • Please note: No previous experience of the Café approach or Nurture Groups and nurture principles required.

PLP delegate: £125 Non PLP delegate: £175


Espresso Café 2 hour twilight training for up to 30 staff is available from Julie Westrop of A2E2 Education Ltd at a specially discounted price of £300 for PLP schools . This training is optional.

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