Leading Learning in the Primary Classroom Newly Qualified Teacher Programme 2017/18

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Leading Learning in the primary classroom Newly Qualified Teacher Programme 2016/2017 A series of professional development sessions for Newly Qualified Teachers within the Peterborough Learning Partnership

Academic Year 2017/18

Leading Learning is a professional development programme, specifically designed for NQTs, and consists of six full-day sessions. Each session focuses on discreet aspects of outstanding classroom practice, effective teaching and learning and necessary professional skills and behaviours.

Leading Learning looks to support newly qualified teachers in developing effective classroom practice where the emphasis is on how individuals can offer outstanding learning experiences for every young learner. Each individual day seeks to explore a key dimension within teaching and learning and looks to develop delegates` classroom practice across all phases.

Leading Learning seeks to deepen delegates understanding around the principles of highly effective teaching and learning whilst offering a range of practical ideas and strategies for use in any classroom. Throughout each day, delegates will be introduced to a range of learning tools and supported in considering how these might be developed within their own professional practice.

Dates Cohort A:

  • Day 1 19th Sept 17
  • Day 2 21st Nov 17
  • Day 3 23rd Jan 18
  • Day 4 20th Mar 18
  • Day 5 1st May 18
  • Day 6 3rd July 18

Day 1 (Conference timings - 9.00 to 3.30) Key learning theme - An introduction to neuroscience - Understanding the brain ?-? K.L.Q. - How can teachers make the most of what we know about the brain? Session One explores how teachers can adopt simple, but effective strategies that can ensure all learners are ready to learn, are in a suitable state for learning and feel motivated to learn

Day 2 (Conference timings - 9.00 to 3.30) Key learning theme - How do our pupils learn most effectively? ?-? K.L.Q. - Which classroom approaches to teaching and learning cater for all types of learner? Session two seeks to consider how different learners learn and how classroom practitioners can plan learning experiences that cater for these differences. It is essential for NQTs to understand how their pupils learn most effectively.

Day 3 - (Conference timings - 9.00 to 3.30) Key learning theme - Teacher Intentionality of Practice (TIPs) ?-? K.L.Q. - What are the essential ingredients for an outstanding lesson and how can an NQT plan for this within their classroom? Session three explores differences between shallow and deep learning and how teachers can plan and offer outstanding learning experiences. This session will consider the key principles for effective learning and how these can be promoted in any classroom.

Day 4 - (Conference timings - 9.00 to 3.30) Key learning theme - There is more learning in the question than the answer ?-? K.L.Q. - How can teachers promote and develop effective classroom dialogue that will support the improvement in standards? Session four will consider the role of speaking and listening within effective learning experiences. This session will explore issues around professional questioning skills and will offer a range of practical tools for effective collaborative learning.

Day 5 - (Conference timings - 9.00 to 3.30) Key learning theme - The confident learner - Developing metacognition ?-? K.L.Q. - In which ways can teachers develop effective strategies for building learning behaviours in every child? Session five considers the critical aspect of metacognition and how this can be developed within every classroom. The Sutton Trust report on classroom interventions identified metacognition as one of the classroom approaches with the highest effect size.

Day 6 - (Conference timings - 9.00 to 3.30) Key learning theme - Me, Myself, I ?-? K.L.Q. - How can NQTs continue to develop the professional skills, attitudes and behaviours professional needed to be the very best? Session six explores what an individual must do to become a truly effective members of any team. The sessions will consider issues around professional accountability and emotional intelligence


PLP delegates: £150 per day or £800 for the full course

Non PLP delegates: £200 per day or £1200 for the full course

Venue:Sacrewell Farm, Thornhaugh, Peterborough, PE8 6HJ

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