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This one day course takes teachers on an exciting, thought provoking and practical tour of Write Inspired. Delivered by its creator Philip Davis and using examples from his work all over the world you will gain a full understanding of this inspirational technique.

It is designed to motivate, inspire and engage all learners to love writing and self expression.

It is an immersive experiential technique that deconstructs the process of writing allowing children to discover their own ideas and give them a real purpose for expression.

The day consists of three main sessions

Session 1 - The core principles of Write Inspired and how they work

You will be taken through each principle with practical activities to demonstrate them.

Discover how to -

  • Deliver positive experiences that inspire
  • Create a dynamic learning space
  • Immerse people in a sonic environment
  • Value the individual response

You will gain an understanding of what these mean in the classroom and how to implement them

Session 2 - Write Inspired in action

You will see and have a go at many activities to inspire writing. You will discover how powerful, inspirational and effective Write Inspired is.

Session 3 - Write Inspired in Depth

The third session looks at longer more complex activities which you will have a go at. We specifically look at the use of sound.

  • Sonic moulding - using sound to create 3D models to use as inspiration for poetry and story
  • Sonic story telling - how to enliven story creation with simple instruments
  • Immersive art - how to use visualisation of sounds to create poetry

By the end of the day you will be inspired to take on these techniques and apply them to your own teaching. To support the course there is a 100 page manual with downloadable content, a CD collection of specially designed sounds to use as well as free resources on the Write Inspired site.

Previous PLP delegates:

‘Really interesting ideas and methods to encourage reluctant writers. I can’t wait to cascade the training and trial with the children.The mind mapping work will be great for developing vocabulary and supporting pupils with their writing. Lots of ways to encourage creativity and more open ended approaches to writing. Thank you.’ Emma Holiday, Dogsthorpe Infants

‘A fantastic wealth of ideas that I will definitely use in my own classroom.You have really inspired me again especially with the focus on individual voice and expression which often gets lost in todays jam packed curriculum. Some really useful resources to take away as well. Many Thanks.’ Debs Jordan, Dogsthorpe Academy

‘Great resources that I hope to use in class. Class management techniques that i will also use especially the singing bowl. Lots to think about - meditation, alarm bell, how to make sure children don’t become stressed out. Thank you for sharing your ideas.’ Sarah Noone, The Peterborough School

‘Brilliant course. Really good ideas given. Really looking forward to using the maps in class. Would recommend to others.’ Ryan Tootal, Dogsthorpe Academy

Here is a film about Write Inspired https://vimeo.com/213680991

About Philip Davis

Philip has brought his knowledge and passion to the classroom to many thousands of children using his techniques. He is the creator of Picture The Music Create teaching resource. He has spoken to a wide variety of audiences about his methods and beliefs - local authority advisors, head teachers, school staff and university lecturers and students. He continually works in schools to improve standards and motivation in both students and staff. Having worked in schools all over the UK and abroad he has gained a valuable insight into what issues teachers and students face in the teaching of writng. His courses are entertaining and thought provoking - based on practical experience. He brings solutions to the classroom and inspires both teachers and students.

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Non PLP members: £200 per delegate


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