Primary Art Workshop With Paul Carney

Developed for specialist and non-specialist teachers/ teaching assistants to deliver the skills of art and design more confidently, from year 1 to year 6. With advice on how these skills can be embedded into the new primary curriculum, including topic based approaches. Learning objectives will specifically focus on raising attainment in key curriculum art skills that will enable pupils to more successfully realise their creative making intentions.

Drawing session 3 hours (Typically 9.30am to 12.30pm)

Activity 1: Making a sketch book (All years) the cheap, easy and arty way. Talking about what a sketchbook is for, how to use it, when and why. 15 minutes

Activity 2: If you can write your name you can draw anything. (EYFS, KS1, SEN) Exploring the link between writing and drawing, practical exercises using drawing to develop writing ability 30 minutes

Activity 3 – Teaching drawing (All years) Techniques on teaching drawing skills across the whole school, overcoming pupil’s misconceptions and anxieties, developing shading, basic perspective, golden rules of drawing, improving drawing skills through motivation and personalisation. 30 minutes

Break (10.45am to 11am)

Activity 4: Drawing approaches (All years) Investigating a wide range different drawing techniques through exploratory, fun, practical exercises in a range of media. 45 minutes

Activity 5: Contemporary drawing (All years) Using drawing for creative expression, showing that drawing is diverse and fun and not just based on realism. Developing personal expression and spirituality linked to PSHCE. 45 minutes

Lunch (12.30pm to 1.15pm)

Painting Session: Afternoon 2 hours 30 min (Typically 1.15pm to 3.45pm)

Presentation: Painting? Over my dead body! (All years) Making painting more manageable in the busy classroom, what types of paints should I use? Basic brush control and technique. 30 minutes.

Activity 1: Beginners Watercolour painting (All years) Practical exercises in watercolour painting looking at basic knowledge, applying a watercolour wash and an exercise in producing a watercolour painting of their own. 45 mins

Activity 2: The sky isn’t blue, the grass isn’t green (All years) Overcoming major pitfalls in children’s painting with practical colour mixing exercises focusing on colour value and tone.

Activity 3: Expressive colour, (All years) Applying some techniques of the great masters to own work. 1 hour

Discussion: Moving on from here, what have we learned today? What improvements can we make to the way we teach drawing and painting? 15 minutes

PLP Schools: £150 per delegate Non PLP Schools: £200 per delegate

Venue: TBC (All dates will be held within a Peterborough School)


All course materials will be available on arrival.

Lunch and refreshments are included.

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Biography Paul is a nationally recognised, NSEAD registered, art consultant having delivered specialist art CPD in schools across the UK and for the UK’s leading training providers. He is a council member for the NSEAD and runs his highly successful art website: that provides high quality teaching resources and advice to teachers around the world. He has over twenty years teaching experience at Primary, Secondary and post-16 levels of education, is an Advanced Skills Teacher, ex-Subject Leader for Art and was a member of the DfE Expert Advisory Group for Art and Design. In addition to this he was a member of the NSEAD Curriculum Writing Group that wrote the art curriculum competencies, more formally called the: 'Framework for Progression, Planning for Learning, Assessment, Recording and Reporting 2014.’ Paul specialises in teaching drawing and painting and is a practicing professional artist and designer.

Previous PLP Delegates:

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. There was a lot of opportunity to be creative and try out different things. I definitely will be using in the classroom. Paul was very engaging and motivated you to just have a go. Thank-you very much!" Alice Casey - Heritage Park Primary School - Primary Art Workshop with Paul Carney 7th November 2017

Today was extremely insightful. Full of fantastic ideas for teaching. Lots of interesting points to take back with me regarding stock and quality. Very lighthearted yet filled with knowledge. Really lovely to get the opportunity to discuss Art and roles within school with other from different schools." R Clingan, Heltwate School

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