A Shining NQT Induction Programme by Will Hussey

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21st March 2019

**Day 1: 21st March 2019

A session packed full of handy tips and innovative strategies for developing a classroom Growth Mindset; essential for facilitating participation and sustainable progress. This practical and interactive course explores the importance of acknowledging setbacks, the structure of learning and neurological changes (amongst other things.)

Intended Outcomes:

Teachers will acquire the knowledge, understanding and tools to facilitate a positive Growth Mindset to learning amongst pupils.

Most teachers recognise the value of fostering positive intrinsic learning behaviours and many ‘get’ that Growth Mindsets are crucial. It’s just that promoting GM and practising GM are two very different things entirely; the latter requiring an ‘inside-out,’ authenticity, rather than the more commonly exhibited ‘display-board-in.’ ‘The Art of Growing Brilliance,’ incorporates our core messages of happiness, flourishing, resilience & personal responsibility, and looks at embedding positivity in (and out of) the classroom. Identifying developmental potholes along the road to learning, and knowing just how to navigate them, requires a shift in focus for teachers and pupils alike. A Growth Mindset is for life, not laminating, after all…

Intended Outcomes:

Teachers to acquire a wealth of practical ideas, strategies and activities for cultivating creative thinking and doing in the classroom.

Will Hussey is an experienced teacher who is uniquely positioned to support NQTs through their induction year. He blends practical insight with innovative ideas and suggestions for making the very best of (what can be) a challenging start to a fantastic profession. Will has written numerous books crafting material to engage and inspire pupils and teachers alike. He has particular interest in facilitating transformational Growth Mindsets, and has collaborated with Professor Barry Hymer, Andrew Cope and ***to follow! to cultivate genuine change for the better!

  • PLP members: £100 per session

  • Non PLP members: £150 per session
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