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Reasoning and Language in the Primary Mathematics Curriculum - An EAL Academy course

EAL and Primary Mathematics

An essential course for those teaching maths to English as an additional language learners

The new primary mathematics curriculum emphasises fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving. This session will show how the curriculum expectations support language learners to develop in-depth knowledge of mathematical thinking and reasoning through the use of concrete and visual support, well-planned talk activities, and teacher questioning.

Promoting language development for all learners within the context of mathematics is a challenge and the understanding of key mathematical language is critical.

Who should attend

  • primary maths leaders, primary maths and EAL teachers and SEN specialists

What you will gain by attending the course

  • an understanding of the specific needs of pupils learning mathematics in a language other than their mother tongue
  • theoretical and practical knowledge about planning for and teaching language learners in mathematics
  • practical strategies to employ in the classroom for language friendly maths lessons
  • confidence in working with English as an additional language learners

Key content This full day course will:

  • present a summary of the needs of pupils learning mathematics in a second language
  • introduce the essential features of mathematical language for all learners
  • present and review interactive teaching and learning strategies for use in mathematics lessons

Course leader Mary Maybank, an Associate from The EAL Academy and Director of the Central Ethnic Minority Achievement Hub, has worked as an advisor for Walsall Children’s Services where she has led the highly successful project – ‘Maths Talk in Bilingual Children’s Classrooms’.

Venue:The Lodge @ Fulbridge Academy


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