Create to Resonate: Growth Mindset and the the Art of Visual Thinkery With Bryan Mathers

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  • Art, Behaviours for Learning
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The workshops in the art of Visual Thinkery, and how to create it, is a whirlwind tour of observations, tricks and shortcuts.

Noticing, engaging others, visual conversation facilitation, and metaphor catching are just a few of landmarks we'll check out along the way.

At the end of the session, you'll also have a whole bunch of tools to take away and try out in yout own domain.

We'll aim to get underneath the topic of "Growth Mindset" to create visuals which will help us to understand and engage others.

This workshop should be of interest to you if:

  • you'd like to be more creative in the classroom, and therefore encourage more creativity from your students
  • you're curious and are prepared to step a little bit out of your comfort zone and give new things a go
  • you'd like to have an added dimension to be able to visually express yourself, and at the same time model this to your students

PLP members: £50 per person Non PLP members: £100 per person

About Bryan Mathers:

A brief history I never planned to be doing this. It just happened. Accidentally. The clues were there – or were they? The backgammon board I made, the other subjects I didn’t take at school because I could do maths & science, the scribbly notepads full of boxes and arrows, the endless maps I used to draw as a kid for missionaries overseas (!) It’s funny how we can be obscured from the things that have the potential to give us the greatest pleasure. Simply speaking, if you’d have asked me a few years ago if I could draw, I’d have replied no or not really or what’s it to you? As if it’s even a binary! Can you write? Sure. What can you write? er… An email? Of course…, A joke? A dad joke maybe…, A novel? Well that’s going a bit far… Everyone has the potential to be able to draw, and all it takes is practice, purpose and letting out your inner child who didn’t care so much when it didn’t come out as planned. The biggest thing holding a person back is the belief that they can not draw. But don’t take it from me, here’s Quentin Blake in a book I got as a Christmas present a few years ago: But it’s not really drawing itself that butters my parsnips, it’s the thinking – or more precisely – visually articulating a thought. So I’ve made it my job to help others catch thoughts and articulate them visually. As such, I’ve created thinkery for a whole bunch of Organisations. The Open University, Hack Education, City & Guilds, Reclaim Hosting, Creative Commons, Mindshift… I’ve created thinkery for a whole bunch of people too, and often because I’ve tripped over a turn of phrase in a conversation, or a sentence in a blog post, and a picture has appeared in my head. I attribute great value to the skills of listening and noticing, and conversation is my strongest shovel in collaboratively mining for insight that deserves – or even demands – to be articulated visually.

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