Start to Sign Training: led by Action on Hearing Loss

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  • Behaviours for Learning, Culture & Community
  • Full
  • Early Years, Primary, Secondary
  • Workforce

Course Aims

  1. To be able to participate in a brief conversation with a deaf person in the workplace

  2. To develop an understanding of Deaf cultural awareness

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  1. Recognise and apply basic grammatical structures in BSL

  2. Use appropriate greetings

  3. Explain your job title/role in BSL

  4. Introduce yourself using fingerspelling confidently

  5. Hold a brief conversation with a deaf person using everyday vocabulary

Course Delivery

  1. An experienced trainer, who is deaf or has hearing loss, will deliver the training. We will provide our trainer with a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter, where necessary.

  2. Our trainers adopt a relaxed, friendly training style, incorporating a variety of delivery methods, such as the use of PowerPoint presentations, small group sessions, one-to-one support and question and answer sessions.

  3. To encourage the use of BSL immediately we do not provide interpreters on this course.

  4. All delegates receive an information pack and a certificate of attendance.

  5. This course is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) approved. Delegates will receive three CPD points for the half-day course and six CPD points for the full-day course.

Course Content

 BSL – background and Deaf culture

 How BSL differs from English

 Visual and non-visual signs

 Useful everyday signs (including greetings, conversational signs, numbers, time, questions; the full day course will also include family, feelings, food and drink, and basic work vocabulary)

 Facial expressions

 Signing space

 BSL structure

 Fingerspelling

 Deaf etiquette

 How to ask questions and give answers

Delegates will learn about 90 signs in the half day course

PLP delegates: £65 per person per day

Non PLP delegates: £85 per person per day

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