Nriching Mathematics for NQTs - 3 Days (Teaching Mathematics, Knowing Mathematics, Inspiring Mathematicians)

NRICHing Mathematics for NQTs - 3 days (Teaching Mathematics, Knowing Mathematics, Inspiring Mathematicians)

Each of these dates will focus on the following in turn:

Supporting the subject knowledge content of the primary mathematics curriculum. Supporting the three aims of problem solving, reasoning and fluency. Creating a classroom culture that develops both mathematicians and their mathematics. Over the course of these 3 linked days teachers will:

Be supported to nurture confident, resourceful and enthusiastic learners of mathematics in their schools. Work on a wide variety of NRICH tasks and explore how best to embed them into effective classroom practice. Develop their navigation of the NRICH site and their understanding of the research based articles and tasks it offers.

1st March 2018 - Day 1 - NRICH-ing the curriculum Delegates will explore together how to use the NRICH curriculum mapping documents to link the primary mathematics curriculum content with the rich problem-solving opportunities afforded by NRICH tasks. This will include navigating our extensive collections to sort, select and embed tasks at every stage of planning for teaching and learning opportunities.

20th April 2018 - Day 2 - NRICHing the primary Mathematics aims. Delegates will explore opportunities to develop the three mathematical aims of problem solving, reasoning and fluency in their classrooms. Tasks from the NRICH website will be used to illustrate opportunities to identify and hone problem solving skills, follow a progression of reasoning that begins with description and ends with mathematical proof and to consider how each of the 5 aspects of fluency can contribute to learners mathematical proficiency.

5th June 2018 - Day 3 - Day 3 of this professional development programme (supporting the three aims of the primary mathematics curriculum) will focus on unpacking what is meant by mathematical fluency. There will be opportunities to discuss common misconceptions, explore practical tasks that develop learners fluency with mathematical ideas as well as number facts, and all of this will be illustrated with activities from the NRICH website and others, which can be immediately implemented into classrooms.

Fran Watson - NRICH Primary PD Lead Fran was a maths teacher for 13 years before she joined the NRICH team 3 years ago. She has worked in middle, upper, lower, secondary and primary schools and is passionate about problem solving and sharing her enthusiasm for mathematics in general. Despite having taken a slightly scenic route to a career in the classroom, via an engineering degree and jobs at Techniquest and the British Science Association, (think Butlins Redcoat but for Maths and Science,) she loves the variety encompassed by working with teachers and children in her role as NRICH’s primary PD lead.

PLP Members: £75 per person per day

Non PLP Members: £150 per person per day

For our PLP members, we are offering a buy one place, receive an extra place for free

Please note the price will be changed after the booking has been made.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Please e-mail if you have a dietary requirement.

Venue: Fulbridge Academy, Peterborough (The Lodge room)

Dates: 1st March, 20th April and 11th July 2018

Delegates: Up to 35 primary staff each day

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