Free Information Session on the Literary Curriculum Led by the Literacy Tree

Further to a successful training day and launch at William Law Primary Academy, PLP are delighted to be able to invite you to attend an information session on The Literary Curriculum led by The Literacy Tree on 26th April 2018 from 4pm until 5.30pm. This session will be hosted by William Law Primary Academy, Peterborough.

The Literary Curriculum is a complete, thematic approach to the teaching of primary English that places children’s literature at its core. Children explore over ninety literary texts and experience at least seventy-five unique significant authors as they move through the school. As a whole-school approach, it provides complete coverage of all National Curriculum expectations for writing composition, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, as well as coverage of spelling, phonics and reading comprehension. All plans lead to purposeful application within a wide variety of written outcomes.

'After just one year of using the Literary Curriculum the standards of writing in our school are exceptional. Children are captivated by the high-quality texts, innovative ways of learning language and thought-provoking subject matter. The planning sequences have given them the confidence to aim high and expect to be impressed!’ Lena Pennacchia, Headteacher, Churchill Primary, Kent.

'Our GSP and writing scores were fantastic this year due to all the Literacy Tree planning sequences we follow. We were 93% Expected and 53% Greater Depth when 2 years ago we were 65% expected.’ Amanda Webb, Headteacher, Talavera Junior School, Hampshire

During the session, you will hear from Lynn Sear and Anthony Legon, Directors of the programme and from members of staff from the school who will share the impact so far.

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