Great Leadership Improves Standards: An Information Session with LIFO

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"I wish I had known about LIFO at the beginning of my first Headship over ten years ago as I feel I would have been better placed in the understanding that I have now of my own behaviour's and the impact on others." (Nottingham Headteacher)

Alongside the short-term initiatives to improve standards we need long-term strategies to embed the improvements we aspire to make. These include high quality teaching and learning, as well as the bespoke curriculum design and educational offer a school delivers for its community.

Surpassing even these vital elements with regard to a school improvement plan is improving the personal leadership skills of your staff and improving the leadership capacity of your SLT and staff teams. Only great leadership will facilitate and embed the other essential strategies and ingredients.

Want to find out more?

We are offering a free interactive workshop for Peterborough Heads and senior leaders to introduce ‘Education Elevate’. A unique package building on and adapting approaches that, in the business world, have transformed a company’s performance.

It will be a chance to talk to school staff who have taken part in this programme and so discover what impact they think it has had on themselves, their team and their school.

Come and find out, no commitment or obligation to sign up, how ‘Education Elevate’ can:

  • Enable individuals and Leadership teams to understand how they operate in normal circumstances and under stress

  • Provide a unique profile of strengths plus an individual and team development roadmap

  • Identify the values that drive an individual’s behaviour as well as the values of an organisation and show how the two can align

  • Improve communication, engagement, alignment and influence with others

The newly formed education arm of an established company draws upon the expertise of:

  • A very experienced Head, an NLE, who has taken his school from Special Measures to Outstanding, to Academy Status and as the primary lead in a newly formed MAT.

  • An expert in the area of turning companies round by improving leadership.

  • An International, strategic, commercial HR, talent and development director and consultant, with organisation performance and engagement specialism.

  • A Professional facilitator, trainer & coach who established his own training and facilitation consultancy in 1997, and since then has worked around the world with clients in a wide range of industries and disciplines.

The day will, refreshingly, be about prevention as well as cure. Education Elevate aims to embed a culture, ethos and attitude that will lead schools along an essential pathway to success. It will complement and enhance, not take the place of, other approaches that a school already employs on their standards raising journey.


Date: Monday 20th November

Venue: The Lodge at the Fulbridge Academy

Time: Arrive for 9.15am – finish by 1.30pm

Lunch provided

Places are limited to 40 delegates

Book your free place via Andi at the Fulbridge Academy:


“Myself and my senior leadership team, 7 in total, have been working with Mark from the LIFO team for over six months. Our experience has been so valuable. We have already begun to use the language of LIFO to challenge and strengthen what was already a great team. I wish I had known about LIFO at the beginning of my first Headship over ten years ago as I feel I would have been better placed in the understanding that I have now of my own behaviour's and the impact on others. The LIFO programme has given the leadership team of our school time to reflect and begin to see how we can use our strengths to enhance what we already do well. The individual face-to-face sessions were really powerful all of the team deeply reflected on their discussions with Mark. The booklet resources also ensured that staff thought carefully about how LIFO skills could be used to influence others in a really positive way. The whole day session at the end of the programme was and I quote from my team "A fab day, we are very lucky that we can share and be honest and supportive of each other" Deputy "I thought it was really thought provoking in a positive way" Maths and Year group leader "It was great, out of my comfort zone at first but then it was so useful" EYFS leader "Thought provoking process, one which on one hand has confirmed and the other made me contemplate and question!" SEND leader. I am so proud of my team and look forward to now developing this further with the whole staff and Mark via an INSET day.”

Emma Stacey

Principal Fairfield Primary Academy

“Having had an individual leadership analysis and feedback I was so impressed with the accuracy and helpfulness of the findings that I decided to roll it out to the whole Senior Leadership Team. This gave us a wonderful analysis of our team’s strengths as a collective and the individual strengths of the Senior Leaders themselves. In follow up sessions, with Mark's help as a facilitator, we were able to analyse ourselves as a team and identify any gaps we may want to fill within our current skill base. The process enabled us to know ourselves so much better as leaders and it identified the areas we could improve on in terms of our 'Personal Leadership Skills'. The decision was made, by the SLT, to roll out the LIFO® analysis to the whole staff and devote a Professional Training Day to it. Many staff said that it was the best CPD that they had experienced in terms of benefits to themselves as individuals as well as to the school. We have continued to make LIFO® a focal point for reference in staff discussions and meetings. It has become apparent that this whole experience has enabled us to apply LIFO® principles in our dealings with outside agencies, Governors, in our personal lives, in interviews and the Appraisal process as well as when dealing with parents and the community. It has also resulted in staff seeing the huge benefit of improving their personal leadership skills and led to staff researching and reading about leadership generally. Great leadership is the single most effective strategy to improve standards in a school, which in our opinion and experience makes LIFO® the best intervention for improving children's outcomes that a school could employ.“

Ben Erskine, Principal of the Fulbridge Academy

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