Time, Space and Freshly Brewed Coffee: Engaging in Leadership Thinking: Professional Learning Sessions for Headteachers/principals

  • 15th Oct 2018
  • Multiple
  • Leadership
  • Spaces
  • Early Years, Primary, Secondary
  • Leadership

PLP now host a series of professional learning sessions led by experts in their field; targeted for Headteachers/Principals.

Designed to encourage and nurture professional learning discussions on leadership with a view to positively impacting on school improvement both at school and system level. These are to be strategic 'leadership' sessions, not managerial/operational.

Each session will be facilitated by an expert in their field.

25th September 2018: Nigel Battey: http://www.nblearning.co.uk/

15th October 2018: Sue Winton: http://www.open2change.org.uk/

1st November 2018: Nigel Battey: http://www.nblearning.co.uk/

7th December 2018: Sue Winton: http://www.open2change.org.uk/

15th February 2019: Sue Winton: http://www.open2change.org.uk/

28th March 2019: Sue Winton: http://www.open2change.org.uk/

Potential topics for exploration:

  • Building a successful learning culture

  • Leading successful change management

  • What will our school look like in 3/5/10 years?

  • Succession planning - what it lools like

  • Enabling other leaders to lead and not manage

  • Recruitment

  • Staff workload and mental well being - how to achieve this

  • Personalised leadership coaching opportunities

  • question and answer surgeries

  • big picture stuff in terms of leadership

  • practical strategies to change your school for the better

  • improvement case studies from other areas of the country

  • time to meet a buddy who would be your sounding off person

  • optional relaxation sessions

PLP members: £100 per person per session

Non PLP member: £200 per person per session

All sessions will be hosted at the Lake Room at Nene Park.

Feeback from previous sessions

"Well targeted for experienced Headteachers needing to sustain themselves in the ongoing demands of headship. My next steps are to implement a couple of the coaching techniques, as part of our transformational leadership." - Headteacher, Peterborough primary school (28th February 2018 with Sue Winton)

"A good chance to listen and learn in a relaxed atmosphere with colleagues." - Headteacher, Peterborough primary school (28th February 2018 with Sue Winton)

"The session provided some very thought provoking concepts that are highly relevant to us as leaders in our schools, I am interested to spend longer looking into some of the concepts raised such as conversational intelligence and the relationship between the gut and the brain." - Headteacher, Peterborough primary school (29th March 2018 with Sue Winton)

"Very experienced, knowledgeable presenter. Tuned in to the expectations of leadership and understanding of the demands of headship." - Headteacher, Peterborough primary school (29th March 2018 with Sue Winton)

Book Online
Title / Date
Time / Venue
With Sue Winton
15th Oct 2018
08:30am - 10:30am
With Nigel Battey
1st Nov 2018
08:30am - 10:30am
With Sue Winton
15th Feb 2019
08:30am - 10:30am
With Sue Winton
28th Mar 2019
08:30am - 10:30am
With Sue Winton
7th Dec 2019
08:30am - 10:30am