Building Communities of Inspired Readers in the Primary School

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Building Communities of Readers in the Primary Classroom and School

Children deserve to participate in vibrant communities of readers within and beyond school and be encouraged, inspired and enabled to read for pleasure. Research demonstrates that children reading for pleasure positively impacts upon their attainment, achievement and dispositions, with the will influencing the skill and vice versa. There are, however, challenges to engaging children to read for pleasure but these challenges are certainly not insurmountable.

This one day course for class teachers explores the challenges and how to overcome them and provides a plethora of practical ideas on how to nurture children’s reading for pleasure as well as create both lively reading cultures and communities of engaged readers in and beyond the primary classroom.


  •  Explore how to overcome the challenges to reading for pleasure for primary aged children
  •  Audit the school’s practice in reading for pleasure
  •  Explore what works in promoting reading for pleasure at school and home
  •  Gain practical ideas on how to build a community of engaged, confident and competent readers both in and beyond the primary school

PLP Delegate: £125

Non-PLP Delegate: £200

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