Stepping Up - New to Middle Leadership Programme 2018-19

New to Middle leadership (30 delegate places) - 3 day programme (1 day per term)

Expertly led by Andy Hind, , our Stepping Up programme seeks to consider a set of leadership competencies that will ensure an individual develops the capacity to influence a team and/or lead a subject within any school. The three-day sessions will support delegates in engaging in selfanalysis around these competencies and will explore aspects for future development.

Each session will focus on a key aspect of middle leadership and there will be a continuing emphasis on an inquiry-approach to professional learning and development. Participants will be actively encouraged to engage in a range of professional learning communities that will focus on developing a deep understanding around effective leadership.

Middle leaders and subject leaders, in all subject areas, have an increased responsibility for ensuring genuine and effective change takes place within any school. It is critical that individuals who hold such a role are aware of how to influence others and how to increase professional accountability. It is the responsibility of a middle leader to effectively build capacity in both themselves and amongst team members and this process requires a plethora of highly complex professional behaviours, attitudes skills and knowledge. These sessions will aim to support each individual in becoming more aware of the essential skills for effective leadership and to provide a range of practical strategies for increasing personal competency in each.

Key aim:

To explore and develop the essential competencies for effective team/subject leadership middle leader

Additional aims:

  • To support delegates in developing a deeper awareness of the role of middle leader
  • To explore how middle leaders impact on team and whole school developments
  • To consider how leaders improve outcomes for all pupils
  • To introduce professional tools that support individuals in developing their leadership capacity

Specific Focus

Session 1 - Understanding the role

Session 2 - Influencing others

Session 3 - Making a difference for pupils


  • 30th Jan 2019
  • 1st May 2019
  • 10th June 2019


PLP Members: £150 per person per day

Non PLP Members: £250 per person per day

Venue: Alderman Jacobs Academy, Whittlese, Cambridgeshire


All course materials will be available on arrival.

Lunch and refreshments are included.

Terms and Conditions

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Previous Delegates:

"It was such an inspiring day and really gave me time to think and reflect about my teaching and my leadership skills. Also it was a fun atmosphere and we all got to know each other. It was the best course I've been on in years!" - Teacher @ Pearkirk Cum Glinton Primary School

"Andy was brilliant and made the day really enjoyable and I have learnt so much". - Teacher @ Somersham Primary School

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