Effecting Change: How to Lead Others Through the Change Process, Maximising Engagement and Minimising Stress With Steve Russell

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Change is an inevitable feature of schools, be it system-related, policies or professional practice (eg teaching and learning, behaviour, pastoral care).

The challenge for those leading on this often comes with getting ‘buy-in’ and then managing the anxieties and stresses colleagues can experience through the change process.

This course will help develop an understanding of the change process – and how to utlilise this to enable successful and sustained change.


Participants will have:

Developed their understanding of key models of ‘change’

Broadened their understanding of colleagues’ likely reactions to change, including resistance and compliance – and how to maximise true co-operation

A wide range of practical strategies for:

  • creating a compelling vision

  • engaging stakeholders meaningfully

  • managing colleagues’ anxieties and stresses in ways to maximise the success of the change process

PLP Members: £150 per person Non PLP Members: £200 per person

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