FFT Primary Roadshow: Back to Baseline – A New Approach to Measuring Progress

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Back to Baseline : A New Approach to Measuring Progress

As ever, change is on the horizon and this session will focus on two key challenges facing schools – the impact of a new baseline assessment on school accountability and the ongoing issue of effective tracking and measurement of pupil progress including a look at FFT’s interactive progress tracking tool.

The session will look at the latest current and future FFT Aspire developments plus plans for providing schools with interactive access to FFT’s national research data.

This two-hour session will cover :

• National Reception baseline assessment – a look at the potential impact of the new assessment arrangements at a national, regional and school level

• A new way to measure and track progress – A look at FFT’s new pupil progress tracking and data exchange tools which will be available in Aspire for primary schools by the end of 2018.

• 2018 national results analysis – An analytical overview of 2018 results. What are the key messages and trends? How do they impact on your school and what can you learn going forward?

• ASP and IDSR update – an overview of the latest reports and analyses for schools in ASP and Ofsted’s IDSR.

• FFT Aspire developments – look at the 2018 developments for schools in Aspire along with our roadmap for 2019.

• FFT Research plans – FFT is unique in providing schools with both high quality performance data and cutting edge, practical research. Come along and find out about our exciting new plans for bringing FFT Aspire and FFT Education Datalab even closer together in order to provide a powerful new research tool for schools.

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