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Dear Colleague,

Jane and I have been asked by Headteachers to run some Master Classes on Values-based Education (VbE) and its Inner Curriculum at our home in Rutland. These have been enthusiastically received by colleagues. Our next will be held on Tuesday 18th September 2018.

We invite you to come yourself and/ or nominate other members of staff to attend. Our expectation is that those attending would take the information and processes back to their school. We have just published a book called The Inner Curriculum, which will be available to buy on the day or through Amazon.

What is the Inner Curriculum?

The Inner Curriculum (IC) teaches us how to be conscious about and in harmonious control of our internal spiritual world of thoughts, feelings and emotions, enabling us to respond appropriately and altruistically to others without hurting them or damaging our own sense of self. Indeed it supports the development of a strong and secure sense of self, which develops the disposition of self-leadership, which sustains wellbeing.

We think that IC is the missing key in schools that concentrate so much on an ever-narrowing curriculum. We think it will transform schools as we know them and we would like to invite you to be part of this movement for change. Some elements will be familiar to some of you whilst some will be completely new to all.

We fervently believe that IC will help you to:

  • support each pupil to be Self-led ( in control of their thinking and behaviour)
  • give teachers and support staff the knowledge and skills to take the lid off a child's potential
  • reduce stress and mental dis-ease in your school - staff and pupils
  • develop well-being and resilience
  • enhance the quality of learning
  • improve outcomes

As places will be limited to 8 please let me know asap if you would like to reserve places. Book via -

Jane and I are very excited about the potential of this work.

For those that would like a place(s) I will send further details.

We will ask for a donation of £85 per person, which includes lunch and refreshments. We will not exclude anyone on grounds of costs so if there is a problem then let me know.

Dr. Neil Hawkes Founder Values-based Education (VbE)


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