Professor Mick Waters: The Challenge of Making a New Curriculum Work: We’re Professionals, Let’s Enjoy It!

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A one day conference with Professor Mick Waters to be followed by a number of seminars/workshops throughout 2018-19 to explore themes and work collaboratively.

A curriculum for the future? Where might we start to develop a curriculum for the future? First, we should expect every school to make maximum use of every moment that is available. The curriculum is the entire planned learning experience. It includes the lessons and so much more. The daily life of school, its routines, will teach children much. The events that a school arranges will teach more. What children do beyond the ‘school day’ will be productive for learning if well used. For the curriculum to prepare children to face the future, it needs to speak to children positively at every point. There is much talk about raising aspiration in young people; this is far more than helping children to believe that they can ‘be anything that they want to be’, far more than achieving high grades or reaching higher levels. Aspiration: at the root of the word is ‘spirit’ and the curriculum should be about aspiration of spirit, of contribution and worth. If society is to be effective and people are to be fulfilled, it is their spirit and outlook on life that will be as vital as the knowledge and skills they acquire. Indeed, important knowledge and skills are more likely to develop when worth and spirit are secure.

What would children of today looking in that rear-view mirror want to see in terms of their time at school and what they learned? Surely, they would want to reflect that their schooling had offered a rounded and full experience that prepared them for the complex lives they have enjoyed and face?

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Venue: Sacrewell Farm, Peterborough

PLP Members: £150 per delegate for the 1st day

Non PLP Members: £225 per delegate for the 1st day

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About Mick:

Mick Waters is Professor of Education at Wolverhampton University. Each year he spends time in many schools across this country and abroad helping teachers and leaders to develop their practice. He applies his insights to policy work for governments in teaching, curriculum or leadership. He contributes to major conferences, writes extensively…and is often to be found in classrooms working with pupils. Mick’s ideals are driven by unquenchable optimism, unflinching challenge and realistic recognition of what schools are and could be. He is a trustee or patron of several organisations, all devoted to bringing learning alive and making schooling fit the needs of a global society today and in the future.

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