Accountability Update With James Pembroke

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This wide-ranging day will cover all the key updates on accountability, including the outcomes of the assessment consultation and other changes in government policy, with a particular focus on the details of the new NFER reception baseline assessment. We will then take an in-depth look at IDSR, ASP and FFT, delving deep into the murky world of scaled scores, progress measures, and confidence intervals, ensuring we are well equipped to interpret these important sources of data and write key statements for our SEF. The session will finish with a discussion about the rights and wrongs of tracking systems in light of assessment without levels and the shifting position of Ofsted, and ask the vital question: are we really able to measure?


James Pembroke (@jpembroke) has 15 years’ experience working with education data, including 5 years in an LA school improvement team. Since turning freelance in 2014, he now works with schools across the country, helping them make sense of their data. James has worked with numerous organisations including ASCL (member of primary assessment expert panel), DfE (member of Reception Baseline Stakeholder Group), NAHT, Ofsted (advised on dashboard and IDSR), and FFT (accredited consultant), is an active member of JUSCO (the Junior School Collaboration group), and has spoken at many national conferences including Learning First. He blogs regularly about data (, writes the monthly Data Doctor column for the TES, and probably spends too much time on twitter.

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