Pgcert Maths Specialist Teacher Programme

  • No Forthcoming Dates
  • Maths
  • Full
  • Primary
  • Leadership, Curriculum

To apply through the online portal use the weblink below

Select 'Apply Now'

Then Select 'Part Time'

Then 'January 18/19' (Here it is important to select January 18/19, not January 19/20 because our academic year is still 18/19)

Then 'Apply Now' again

Here, you can see that the start date is January 19, but the academic year is 18/19.

Next click proceed and it will then take them to a page where you will need to set up an account first. The process is then one where you will be taken through pages to input information. If you get stuck, just email Amanda O'Shea directly -Amanda.O'

At some point you will also need to upload documents including the Headteacher form that is enclosed.

Please click on the following attached links for more information:

Title / Date
Time / Venue