Assessment and the New Agreed Syllabus in the Primary School (Spring Term 2019)

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  • RE
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  • Primary
  • Leadership, Curriculum
  • Understand how to use the new assessment tools in the Agreed Syllabus

• Consider different assessment opportunities to monitor progress in RE

• How to effectively assess in RE

In religious education, just as in other subjects of the curriculum, it is important to let pupils know how they are doing and what they must do next to make progress. As well as knowledge and skills, it is a key part of religious education that pupils’ positive attitudes to study should be encouraged and praised. This session will look at how to use assessment effectively in the classroom and to consider different approaches and opportunities to assess in RE. There will also be an opportunity to explore the new assessment tool that has been created as part of the new Agreed Syllabus.

9:00—12:30 *Lunch is provided from 12:30

£65 per person

Venue: Buckden Village Hall Burberry Road St Neots Cambridgeshire PE19 5UY

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