What are the benefits for member schools?

Member schools of the Peterborough Learning Partnership benefit from effective, high impact support to improve learning outcomes for pupils and the continued professional development of teachers. We achieve this through our Professional Development Programme, where our member schools receive high quality, high impact training at a highly reduced cost.

Each year we connect member schools with our partner organisations, where schools are able to benefit from discounts and free membership to their organisation.

Please see below to view the excellent benefits that are available to our members 2018-19!

Arbor Education Partners

Arbor brings all your core school data into one place, helping you to analyse your RAISEonline data, track pupil progress & replace your Management Information System.

We’ll also be sending out a discount code to PLP members which you can use when you purchase your 2018/19 reports from Arbor! 20% off premium reports for all PLP schools

Chicken Wired

ChickenWired is the home of the wire sculpture artist William Ashley-Norman.

The artist has worked with wire for many years and as well as creating bespoke sculptures of his own, as can be seen in the gallery, ChickenWired has been created to bring the craft of sculpting with chicken wire to everyone.

Thousands of children throughout the country have taken part in school workshops, creating sculptures from templates that the artist has created.

ChickenWired is offering our members 10% discount on school workshops to be enjoyed by young people at school.

Children’s University

The Children’s University is a national project which recognises the achievements of young people who take part in high quality out of hours learning activities.The Children’s University will be offered to all schools in and around Peterborough.

School affiliation, taking effect from 1st April 2018 is as follows:

£250 per PLP school member per year (1.4.18 – 31.3.19)

£500 per non-PLP school member per year (1.4.18 – 31.3.19)

These charges will apply to both primary and secondary schools.

Contact Gill Hall, gill.hall@vivacity.org or 01733864784 to find out more


Fruit to Suit

Fruit to Suit is a national, multi-award winning social enterprise company delivering fun and engaging enterprise programs to primary and secondary schools.

Fruit to Suit is offering a £30 discount for the training programmes offered to aspiring entrepreneurs in creating a healthy tuck shop in their school. There are two programmes available: Creating A Company Challenge and Tuck Shop Manager Training.


Positively MAD

£50 discount for PLP members on all workshops.
Positively MAD, which stands for Positively Making a Difference, are the UK’s leading provider of student, teacher and parent workshops. Having delivered in schools across the UK for the past 17 years, their presenters are able to captivate audiences of up to 150 students at a time ensuring ultimate value for money and an enriching, whole school experience.

Encouraging students to develop intrinsic motivation and resilience can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle, especially when they’ve “switched off” after finding that one method of learning doesn’t work for them.

What students don’t always realise though, is that we all learn differently and that there are so many different methods to try.

Positively MAD workshops focus on providing students with smart learning to learn strategies along with the drive, attitude and confidence to succeed.


Provision Tracker

Provision Tracker is a software designed by schools to help track interventions and provision. We have developed an easy to use, web-based tool supporting schools in the graduated approach, evidencing SEN spend at the click of a button. Provision Tracker can be used to evidence any funding pots, from PPG to Sports Premium. Schools can evaluate the cost, time and impact of provisions. We give you a range of reports from the impact of one provision to comparing provisions against each other. Pupil Profiles allow you to see an overview of a pupil, total cost spent to date, a planned spend and a breakdown of all the interventions that pupil has received. Multiple members of staff can have access with set permission levels allowing all members of staff to be involved in tracking the provisions and adding notes and evidence.

Schools attending the information session, November 8th  2018 at Norwood Primary School, Peterborough, will receive a 10% discount if purchased within the month of November. Provision Tracker is also happy to offer a further 5% discount to any PLP member schools purchasing PT, regardless of timescale.


The Key for School Leaders

Non Peterborough LA PLP schools receive a discount of 20% off membership of The Key for School Leaders, The Key for School Governors, & The Key CPD Toolkit – for 1 year from the date of sign-up. Find out more here: https://www.thekeysupport.com/

Contact Isabelle Goodman to register your school/find out more:

Non-Peterborough LA PLP members only: isabelle.goodman@thekeysupport.com

The SchoolBus

With TheSchoolBus, you gain access to over 3,000 actionable articles, 1,000 practical templates and 300 compliant model policies applicable to all aspects of school leadership. Plus, if you can't find what you need, we'll make it for you!

Every solution is thoroughly quality assured and made in-house using the latest DfE and Ofsted guidance – we never provide un-vetted third-party examples.
To see why thousands of schools and academies rely on TheSchoolBus to remain compliant, stay informed and drive educational standards, take a free trial. Get started at:


To see the full offering, contact Emma Booth at emma.booth@hub4leaders.co.uk or on 07734 604 819 and arrange a free, no-obligation web demonstration.

Prices start from £350 a year – that’s less than £30 a month – and Peterborough Learning Partnership members receive a 10% discount! This price includes an account
for all staff members, and there’s no extra cost for governors.

To sign up directly, email kelly.tedds@peterborough.gov.uk for a discount code, then head over to the sign-up page: https://www.theschoolbus.net/register.


Viscount Nelson Education Network

PLP members can access the VNEN CPD programme at member rates.  Viscount Nelson Education Network CIC (VNET) is a non-profit Community Interest Company dedicated to improving life chances for children and young people across East Anglia and beyond.

VNET was established in 2017 at the request of school leaders to continue the outstanding work of Better To Best – a school-led approach to improvement which played a crucial part in raising Ofsted grades in Norfolk schools from 59% Good or better in 2013, to 89% Good or better in 2017.


Contact PLP for more information

If you are a member of the Peterborough Learning Partnership and would like to find out more about any of the above benefits? Please do not hesitate to email enquiries@peterboroughlearning.org.uk

(All information subject to change, please contact enquiries@peterboroughlearning.org.uk for the most update information)