Children & Young People

If you are a child aged between 7 and 14 years, and would like to find out about exciting learning opportunities with the Children’s University, you have come to the right place. It’s impossible to know all the questions you might have, so here are a few to get you started:

What exactly is the Children’s University?

It’s an organisation which signposts you to exciting learning activities which take place outside the normal school day – it could be before school, during lunchtime, after school, during weekends or holidays etc. The activities are all voluntary, it is up to you to choose what you do and when, and the learning always has a link to something you could go on to do at a ‘grown up’ university.

How do I join?

The Children’s University will be offered to all schools in and around Peterborough.

School affiliation, taking effect from 1st April 2018 is as follows:

£250 per PLP school member per year (1.4.18 – 31.3.19)

£500 per non-PLP school member per year (1.4.18 – 31.3.19)

These charges will apply to both primary and secondary schools.

We’ve had several queries from parents and carers of pupils who are interested in their children joining Peterborough Children’s University. In these cases we find out which school their children attend and approach the school, to advise them that there has been interest from their pupils and parents.

Alternatively, parents can sign their children up directly with Peterborough Children’s University to access the growing list of learning destinations! Passports cost £6. Please e-mail

Where can I find Learning Destinations?

You can download the Children’s University App  and find local and national Learning Destinations. Alternatively, you can get involved in actives through the Children’s University website.

What activities can be Included?

Many of the activities already offered out of school hours can be validated as Children’s University modules, as long as learning and skill development is taking place. This can be anything from a two hour workshop to a twenty hour programme. As part of the Quality Assessment process, any club or activity to be included as a validated activity needs to be written up as a module using our module planning document. This document includes a brief description of what the activity will offer and also lists what skills the students will develop. We also encourage facilitators and tutors to incorporate opportunities for the students to develop both leadership and personal learning and thinking skills when planning their clubs or workshops.

Once you have your passport, you can get involved in activities at exciting destinations near you. Click the link to find Children’s University in your area.

Can I get stamps when I go on holiday?

Yes! Please visit the National Children’s University website for information

How do I use my Children’s University in your area passport to learning?

Take your Passport with you to each Learning Activity you attend. The activity leader will stamp your Passport to show you have taken part. Keep your Passport safe and take it back to school on a regular basis.

If you forget to take your Passport with you, ask the Activity provider for a ‘Children’s University Voucher’, which they will stamp to show that you have taken part in the activity.

When do I get invited to a Graduation Ceremony?

It is the responsibility of the school or parent/guardian to inform Peterborough Children’s University when you have reached enough hours for bronze, silver or gold. You will then be invited to the next Graduation Ceremony (for Silver and Gold, Bronze certificates are presented in school).

Useful documents to get you started

How to use your E-Passport
How to use your passport to learning

For further information

If your school or organisation would like to find out more about becoming involved with the Peterborough Children’s University, please contact the CU Manager  – Gill Hall –  01733 864784 or via email