Becoming involved with Peterborough Children’s University

The Children’s University is an international charity that provides 7 to 14 year olds (and 5 to 6 year olds with their families) with access to exciting and innovative CU Learning Activities and experiences outside of the normal school day.

We celebrate achievement and reward participation through the award of Children’s University certificates. Raising children’s aspiration is important to us and we aim to develop the understanding that learning can be the ‘satellite navigation system to better places in life’.


On becoming members of the Children’s University, children are issued with a Passport to Learning. The children are encouraged to travel to CU Learning Destinations and participate in CU Learning Activities. Each hour of CU validated learning they complete brings the child closer to a
Children’s University graduation certificate, presented at a locally organised CU graduation ceremony, hosted in a real university setting with proud parents in the audience.

The benefits to Schools and Academies
  • CU provides the opportunity for targeted support for the most vulnerable children
  • CU brings coherence to an enrichment programme and allows close tracking of uptake and impact of participation
  • CU provides instant reporting methods to meet all current OFSTED and internal requirements
  • CU supports exciting opportunities for transition
  • Key findings of our work through independent national evaluation show that CU impacts on: Attendance; Attainment; Achievement; Attitude; Adventure; Awards; Agency; Aspiration; Adaptability; Advocacy;

For copies if annual CU evaluation reports by Professor John MacBeath (University of Cambridge), please see useful document below.

Are there costs for membership?

All School and Academy members of the Children’s University are expected to pay an annual
membership fee. Peterborough Children’s University membership
fee is:

  • Primary Schools – £250 PLP members and £500 Non-PLP members
  • Secondary Schools – £500

The cost of CU Membership for each child is £6 which covers the paper Passport To Learning and a licence for the E-Passport online system. We strongly believe that, where possible, families should cover this cost. Experience has shown that in making a financial commitment, a far greater value and commitment is attached
to Children’s University learning.

We do recognise that for children from the lowest income families this amount could prove prohibitive. In these circumstances a school or academy will, typically, purchase the CU Membership on behalf of the child using their Pupil Premium.

What we need from school members

You’ll need to assign a member of staff to coordinate Children’s University membership and activities in your school. Their role may involve:

  • Promoting Children’s University to children and parents, carers and staff.
  • Organising information and training sessions as required.
  • Identifying potential activities eligible for validation (eg. After-school clubs).
  • Administrative duties, including monitoring members, stamping of Passport to Learning for school based activities and liaising with the Peterborough Children’s University Manager about centrally organised events.
  • Promoting your school’s involvement with Peterborough’s Children’s University.
Useful Documents