Places of Worship Contacts and Information for Peterborough Schools

SACRE has compiled a list of contacts for places of worship in Peterborough.  There is also information about the nature of the community, a brief local history, activities, working with schools and material available.  SACRE would like to add more contacts to this list so, if you have a contact for a place of worship that is not listed here, please contact the Clerk to SACRE at



Husaini Islamic Centre

4 Burton Street · Peterborough · PE1 5HD

Mosque Secretary:

The Muslim Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Community was established in the 1970’s in order to advance the religion of Islam, to promote the Shia Ithna-Asheri faith and to maintain and develop the worship and life of the Shia Ithna-Asheri Community in Peterborough.

The community continues to grow with a number of families making Peterborough their new home. Today our community includes among its regular participants Shia Muslims of diverse cultures.


The activities of the community consist of religious, educational and social activities for all sectors of the community including:

  • Daily Congregational Prayers and Friday Prayers
  • Classes after Prayers with the Resident Imam
  • Educational seminars and lectures with guest speakers
  • Regular study circles for various ages
  • Madrasah for children on Saturdays
  • Qur’an classes for children on weeknights
  • Youth camps and clubs during school holidays
  • Arabic lessons
  • GCSE and A-Level tuition classes
  • Senior citizens gatherings and lunches on Wednesdays
  • Sports activities organised by Shia Sports
  • Yoga, fitness classes and sewing classes
  • Health Awareness lectures and medical screening programmes
  • Husaini Preschool
  • School visits to the centre
  • Open days for the wider community to visit the centre

Materials available for schools: 

Prayer mats, prayer beads (tasbeeh), Holy Quraan in Arabic and with translation, any other resources that are requested will be provided.



Peterborough Liberal Jewish Community

07561 331390

Honorary Secretary:

The community does not own premises. Thanks to the Society of Friends we meet at the Quaker Meeting House in central Peterborough.

Liberal Judaism arose in early nineteenth century Germany as a modern approach to Judaism, for instance members of both sexes play full and equal roles in all aspects of worship.  The organisation was founded in the UK in 1902 by men and women committed to the ideal of a liberal philosophy in order to ensure the continuity of Jewish faith, tradition, practice and ethics within a contemporary framework. Today in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, there are over forty Liberal and Progressive Jewish congregations.

The Peterborough Liberal Jewish Community was set up in 1989.  It is a small community of approximately 40 people who meet monthly at the Quaker Meeting House.  Services are conducted mainly in English with singing and major prayers in Hebrew

For more information on Liberal Judaism refer to website:


  • Monthly Shabbat (Saturday) morning services
  • High Holy Days services and major religious festivals


  • Communal Passover seder, Chanukah Party and Purim celebration.
  • Occasional social gatherings at members’ homes, and for cultural events at places of interest


  • Hebrew lessons for members
  • Jewish education for members’ children

Charitable activities:

  • High Holy Day charity appeal and donations
  • Annual Mitzvah Day charitable donations to local organisations eg.  2015 – Peterborough Food Bank, 2015 and 2016, New Haven hostel for the resettlement of the homeless.
  • Supporting Thorpe Hall Hospice by donating religious books and materials to their multi-faith Sanctuary Room

Materials available for schools:

No artefacts are available for loan, but speakers will bring appropriate artefacts to support subject matter for school talks.

Contact via email




Gurdwara Baba Budha Sahib Ji

23 Royce Road, Peterborough. PE1 5YB

01733 565133

Mr Gurdev Singh / Mr Sut Panchi  /

  • We serve the Sikh community in the Greater Peterborough area which covers approximately 120-150 extended families.
  • Within our congregation Punjabi is the main language.
  • This has its origins from the Punjab, North India.
  • There are two Sikh communities in Peterborough who practice Sikhism with slight variations but live and work together.
  • The Royce Road community started in 1974 and first operated from the Gurdwara in Cromwell Road, Peterborough.
  • The Royce Road gradually saved sufficient funds to move to their current premises in July 2004.
  • Registered place of worship
  • Registered place of Sikh marriages
  • Teaches basic Punjabi Language teaching up to GCSE level
  • Teaches basic classical Indian music (tabla drums and harmonium)


Working with schools

Mr Gurdev Singh ( ) / Mr Sut Panchi (

Visits to place of worship:

If yes, are there any particular protocols that teachers and pupils need to know about (eg removal of shoes, wearing head coverings, not carrying tobacco)?

  • Whilst inside a Sikh Gurdwara all congregation members and guests are asked to abide by the following:
    • No consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs (medication is allowable) or eggs or meat food products
    • The head must be covered (see attached photo)
    • Inside the main room, shoes must be removed.
  • For comfort and respect, it is normal for both men/boys and women/girls to wear trousers or women/girls may wear very long skirts.
  • Parents are welcome to join (if agreed with the school)
  • Parents should advise if any child should refrain from paying any respects to Sikh Guru (we do not object)
  • Parents should provide suitable head cover for children (we have some for the day)

We do not differentiate able with disabled persons. We have facilities to accommodate all persons and hope each student gets the most of the experience.  WC facilities are available.  Photo taking is acceptable.

Visit Agenda

Typically the following agenda is used (but is flexible to meet needs group need). Nominal duration 90-120mins. Visits can accommodate groups up to 120 people in one session (arriving in cars or coaches).

  • Group arrives and are advised of protocol. Spare head scarves are available.
  • Group is provided with light refreshment (fruit juice, biscuits etc…) and taken through Sikh History presentation (powerpoint) in English.
  • Group is taken to the Holy Room and asked to pay respect to the Guru Granth Sahib.
  • The group will listen to some short readings (to experience the events of a normal congregation session) and will be given the blessed food (chocolate sweets [some may contain nuts]). A commentary (in English) will be given to explain the activity taking place.
  • The group will be shown important Sikh artefacts and receive a small presentation explaining their significance.
  • The group will carry out team exercises.
  • Group farewell and photo for Gurdwara records.
  • Children will ask questions and we are happy to take questions at any time.

(If individuals do not want to do pay respect or accept the blessed food, they do not have to and we will not be offended!). They can still take part in all other parts of the agenda.  Questions from participants are welcomed throughout the session.


Materials available for schools:

The Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee is able to demonstrate:

  • The 5 K’s artefacts
  • Kirpan (small dagger), Sword and other weapons based artefacts
  • Punjabi teaching books,
  • Sikh History Books
  • Sikh Guru Pictures
  • Pencils / paper is provided for all on site activities

Due to sensitivity of the above material it is not presently lent out to schools.





Drolma Buddhist Centre

260 Dogsthorpe Road, Peterborough PE1 3PG  

01733 755444

Sue Gunn

Opposite Cecil Road at the Fire Station end of Dogsthorpe Road.


  • Meditation classes on a drop-in basis open to everyone regardless of background or faith (or none)
  • In-depth study programme for enrolled students
  • Regular chanted prayers open to everyone
  • Starting to explore stress busting courses for teenagers
  • School visits
  • Community visits
  • Corporate meditation and mindfulness courses
  • Social events e.g. meal and meditation evenings

Working with schools:

We are very happy to host schools coming to Drolma Centre – maximum size of group approx. 30 (students and adults); we request a small donation of £1 per child (adults free of charge) to cover wear and tear; usual maximum duration of 1 hour but this could be extended. NB: we have public liability insurance.

We are also very happy to visit schools, to lead assembly, speak to individual classes, lead simple relaxation meditations etc. We offer this free of charge but a small donation to cover travel costs would be appreciated. We are happy to discuss with teachers beforehand to tailor the visit to the class/curriculum needs.


Materials available for schools:

Resource pack for follow-up activities given to each school as part of the visit. We can show books and other artefacts but cannot loan them. Information given on useful website links with glossary of terms etc